Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ironing Clothes

Today, I was doing my house chores as usual which I had scheduled to do it every weekend. Ironing clothes were always being neglected as I am not too mind to wear not so straight clothes.

However, today I had the mood to iron my clothes. Therefore, I took out all of my working shirt out form my wardrobe for iron.

My clothes looked nice after iron. Like this.

Or like this

or this...

eh.. this look not so nice. It seem like haven't been ironed. Ya, you are right. It was not iron completely. Why? This was the first clothes I iron today. As usual, i just switched on the iron and start ironing. And, this was the consequences. I didn't notice about the temperature of the iron!!!!! It was set too high and my clothes just torn like that!!

*sob sob*

It is time to buy another new clothes..


How Jun said...

not paying attention to ironing lo...see la...see la

Hui Yi said...

sob sob.. I want new clothes