Sunday, May 22, 2011

Travel Around Auckland

We able to spare a day to travel around Auckland. We took a bus to Mt. Eden.

The first place we went was Mt Eden.

You may see the panaromic view of the Auckland City up there.

There is a big crater on the top of the mountain and this reminds me on the scene in the ‘THOR’ movie.

I can touch the cloud.

Random photo on top of mount Eden.

After all the photo taking session, we had our lunch in Circus Circus.

This café is just located around there and if you walk down from Mt. Eden, you will definitely see this.

They even won an award!!

Decoration inside the cafe.

Another photo for their decoration

Now let's have a look on the food that we had.

Smoke Salmon Bagel. Good taste and special. Because we won’t have this kind of combination in Malaysia.

And this. Smoked chicken courgette & sun dried tomato Quiche. This is the first time I try this. The texture is soft and it is very delicious!!! You must try this if you happened to step in this café.

Next, we went to the Auckland Musuem.

The museum that state the culture and the transformation of New Zealand from all aspects since past.

It only cost $10 for non resident. A worth place to go.

After that, it is time for us to look for a job, or else we will be continue our life by eating grass. Our working life gonna be started.


FenixChoo文伟 said...
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FenixChoo文伟 said...

last weekend was freezing in Auckland,
Hopefully can follow your foot step to Mt Eden.

Nice blog.

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