Monday, May 23, 2011

Life In Te Puke

This is our second station, Te Puke. A very small peaceful town with only 2 main streets. Our luck is always bad in the beginning of a new place. We stayed in a hotel called Te Puke hotel (it actually is a hostel). Inside the hotel, there is no heater in the room. Te Puke is much more windy and cold as compared to Auckland. The reception was only gave us one piece of thin blanket on the first day and coincidence it was a cold night on that day. Three of us were trembling on bed that night and 2 of my friends even couldn’t get sleep just because of the cold weather. Fortunately, the second day we found out that actually everybody was given a duvet!!!!! Without any hesitation, we got it from receptionist and that piece of duvet pulled us from hell back to the earth.

Oh ya, we tried the McD in NZ and we found that the beef burger (Grand Augus) is very juicy and scrumptious.

There are 2 layer of cheese. If you are beef lover, you must try this.

Good luck always comes after all the bad luck. We got a job as kiwi grader on the second day after arrival. And we even got a better place to stay on the third day after searching.

Our life as general worker finally started...

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