Thursday, May 26, 2011

My home in Te Puke

Finally we found a new home at Te Puke. New home is mucccccccccccch better than hotel as the house is clean and the facility is complete. If you read my blog earlier, the hotel is without heater!!! And now, this houss of course equipped with heater~~ Wao, heaven!!! Let me show you the house that I stay now~

The living room~

Dining Room?

The other angle of dining room.

Kitchen. Look nice huh?

The other angle for kitchen.

Washing machine area~

Wash room.

The house that I stayed!!!!!!

Outside the house.
After we move in the house, finally, we can cook rice!!! This is the first meal that we cooked in Te Puke (with rice). Oh.. I miss rice so much. So happy!!!

This is what we had today! Japanese Curry~~~ (By the way, this is not cook by me)

We start cooking everyday after we moved in. Finally we can have some proper and balance meal. I think after my NZ working holiday, I am qualified as a cook at home already (煮饭婆). So I should happy or sad about it?
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RHUN KIET said...

nice place you stay... by the way I think u will be a great cook after that because it is quite expensive to eat out everyday right? u buy stuff from market?

Hui Yi said...

haha. ya, basically now we cook everyday. We bought all the food from market and also supermarket. :)

Lawrence said...

Very nice place, i like it ~

Hui Yi said...


Ama said...

You guys rent a house? Wow... affordable by any means?

Ama said...

It's freezing here at the hairy berry bunkhouse. Is there anyway we could stay with u guys or just rent from you ppl. Me and my fren are looking for better accomodation too, if you do have recommendations pls do fill us in. 2 of us are male malaysians, 1 from selangor and i'm from sabah. Just enquiring, if you think you can't help with it then it's ok. :)

Ama said...

This is my facebook profile for you to have a look just in case you want to recognise who I am or as a precaution. No offence.

Hui Yi said...

We stay in shared house. Perhaps u can contact the house owner - Paul 0064274964988. But I think the rental here might be slightly expensive compared to your place.

Ama said...

Thx for the info. How much do you guys rent for?

Hui Yi said...

$100 per week

waiqueen said...

wah nice house!

Anonymous said...

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KimChee Lai said...

Dear HUI YI,

How do you found this nice house??