Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Work in Kiwi Packhouse

We called it as working holiday, so we must work first before the holiday. And now, I just stepping into the world of working as a backpacker. (Wao, finally I called myself backpacker, sound cool :P).

I am lucky enough to get a job in a kiwi packhouse and now I work as a grader. 

Grader, sounds so professional. So what are we doing? We are grading the kiwi according to the quality. I can still remember vividly, during the first day of the working, we were get shocked. Bunch of kiwi were kept on rolling in front of us and we need to pick up all the defect kiwi by just less than 1 second time before it rolled out from your sight!! Imagine, we worked for 9 hours per day and the kiwi just rolling continuously in front of us 9 hours!!! It is definitely not something fun. However, lots of ‘experienced’ backpackers told us that, grader is one of the best job for working holiday. It is just some kind of easy job + high pay (Grader pay is higher than others like packer). Aiks, look like we just need extra training for ourselves.

This is how the Kiwi pack house look like.

This is how we dress up during our job. 
When the weather is just nice~

When the weather turn cold..

OK, I know I looked like aunty. But, it is just very GMP compliance. (Those who work in food factory will understand what I mean).

This is the place that we had our lunch and tea time. 


Normally we sit inside because it is simply too cold outside.

Everyday we have 2 tea time, 15 minutes for each time. Something funny is they called tea time as ‘Smoko’. Why Smoko? I don’t know, perhaps, it’s time to take a break and smoke?

Our packhouse is considered one of the best packhouse (at least what I feel about it). During tea time, free coffee and tea will be provided. Besides, we will have 2 biscuits as our snack. Yes, only 2, you can’t take more than 2. Sometimes, they will prepare some special food for us.

Muffin~ I like their muffin so much. It is so easy to get a tasty muffin in New Zealand. You can just simply by muffin everywhere and all of them just taste nice!!

Look delicious huh? I think I’ll gain weight if I work here for a long time, Oh..no…. But it is just irresistible.

Besides, they prepare 2 boxes of kiwi for workers. We can just take free kiwi as much as we can everyday. Now my days just full with kiwi...

 So, stay kiwi (tune) for further stories...


Princess Felina said...

Glad to see that...
And it's still GMP related job...
Enjoy and take care
Btw, ur house there looks so nice..

Lawrence said...

wa....walking Bak Chang~~~~

- Mai - said...

hav fun there =)

How Jun said...

Nice. Nice. I like kiwi

Hui Yi said...

Felina: Yes, can't leave GMP although I leave malaysia.. haha..

Lawrence: Bad guy...later i'll be more bak chang

Mai: Sure

How Jun: :)

Anonymous said...

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