Saturday, June 4, 2011

BBQ in New Zealand - Papamoa Beach

The first off day was a day that enligthen my day. This was the first time I felt so excited with the day as finally I could take a break!!!! The other thing that pleased me was I went to the first BBQ in New Zealand!!! yeah!

The BBQ took place at Papamoa beach. It just located around 20 minuted driving distance from Te Puke Town. Before we start with our BBQ, we went to Pak n Save ( a shopping complex similiar with Tesco) to grab all the food and items that we want. All the groceries selling in Pak N Save is really very cheap compared to others.

It was really an eye opening for me to BBQ here. (OK, I know I'm the frog under the coconut shell). Let me show you the photo.

This is the BBQ pit!! Yes, here it is. You doesn't need to do any reservation on the BBQ pit before you come. What you need to do is just prepare all your BBQ stuffs and aluminium foil. There are several BBQ pits around the beach side.

I love the BBQ style here very much. It is so clean and user friendly. You doesn't need to struggle for lighting up the chacoal, keep on fanning it and inhaling all the smoke. What you need to do is just press the button below the pit. Yes, only one action, press the button, then it'll automatically heat up the pit. Very easy right??? Wao, why malaysia don't have this kind of BBQ pit??? I want to move one set back to Malaysia!!!!

The only troublesome part for this is it will switch off automatically every 8 minutes. It means that, every 8 minutes you need to press the button. Yet, I feel this is much more better than our traditional style of BBQ.

OK, let me show you the food that we bought.


More more more~~~
Chips are always the best desert for BBQ~

In the process of cooking~ Mussels~

Yes. Typical sausages

Our group~
The two ladies helping beside by eating the muffins. :P

Our food were ready!!!

A lot of food!!


More food.


A small tips: the place is very windy, make sure you wear warm enough for the BBQ. :)

So, if you happen to be in New Zealand, you may try to BBQ here. You will love it~


How Jun said...

Very nice photo. No need charcoal or battery?

Hui Yi said...

yaya, no need charcoal and battery!! very good hor?

Anonymous said...

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