Monday, June 6, 2011

The Tongariro Alpine Crossing

The first trip that I went with my own hard earning in New Zealand - Tongariro Alpine Crossing! If you love the movie, The Lord of the Rings , you will know where is this. This is the the place where Peter Jackson chose to shoot the film.

Before I start with my own story, let me just brief how amazing this Tongariro is. Tongariro National Park is a volcanic complex in the North Island of New Zealand. This is the New Zealand's first national park and it had been recognised as World Heritage Site for its outstanding natural and cultural values. 

On our working off day, we departed around 6.00am something in the morning just to ensure we can complete our hiking before the the sunset. (Sunset at 5pm something here). 

This is because the whole trip took around 8 hours plus to complete. Yes, we hike for more than 8 hours.

On the way to Mt. Tongariro.

We started our journey!!

We saw this when we reached! Wao~

The route to Soda Spring

The view when you hike.
The Soda Springs

Going towards the mountain!

They even fixed this on the bridge to reduce the slippery. ^^

Sign boards are available on the way to tell you the information.

We found this in soil while we hike!!! Crystal ice~~ Ya, all of them just hiding inside the soil. You just need to use your leg to remove the upper part of the soil then you will see them.

Feel like going into desert.

Yes, ice was easily spot everywhere when you hike higher and higher. Weather was getting colder, Remember to bring a warm jacket when you go to Tongariro.

The proof of hiking. :P The must do if you go because this gonna be a precious photo.

View from the upper part of the mountain.

Can you see the ice on the tip os the mountain?

The photo looks fake but I swear no photoshop was done for all the photos posted.

The view from the Red crater. This part is very steep and you need to walk with care. I spent the most time here because it was just too steep and the feeling of crossing it was too horrible. It just like you will fall down deep to the moutain if you didn't take proper step. You can see old lava flow from Red Crater spreading out across the floor of central crater.

Then, you can see this breathtaking view, the Emerald lake. This lakes fill explosion craters near the summit of Mt Tongariro. The colour caused by dissolved minerals, washed down from the thermal area of nearby Red Crater. Amazing...
Blue lake comes after Emerald lakes.

The weather change without warning in this place. I felt that I passed through the 4 seasons in the whole trip. When it is hot, it is just like Malaysia, but when it turns cold, it will make you trembling even with thick jacket.

If you plan to go, remember 
1) Not to wear jean, it will retard your movement. 
2) Bring waterproof thick jacket, it will be freezing cold up there
3) Strong sturdy shoe 
4) Energy bar/ chocolate
5) Lots of water, Isotonic drinks will be highly recommended
6) Sun glasses

* This is a place that must go if you are in North Island!


RHUN KIET said...

oh.. I did the same thing.. cross
Tongariro Alps... where did u stay? the backpacker beside?

Hui Yi said...

i stay at a plus bbh. :)

pheo said...

wow, this is definitely a must go place for hikers. u must be proud of ur decision to go for this trip :)

RHUN KIET said...

Haha.... it's a tiring hike for about 7 hours I remember, but great, you have done it.. I didn't know that u are such sporting since last time ... The pictures were awesome... Did u head to the crater? the one with a blue blue one?... can view from the peak .. ..... Miss the hike, especially with the smoke coming out while hiking along