Friday, December 16, 2011

Play in New Zealand

We always look for CHEAP & PROMOTION stuff. Play in New Zealand? Of course we want play with least money!!! Why we have to spend more if you can get a better deal??

1) i site
Want to know the famous attractions? I site always the best choice for you. The friendly i site staffs always willing to provide you the thorough information. Sometimes, there are even promotions listed at i site. So, remember, always visit a local i site to get the latest details and promotion.

Apart from the promotion listed, brochures in i site is always like a hidden treasure~ there are always a lot of  surprise hide in the brochures. Open it and search for it. You will found there are a lot of discount inside. Yup, treasure hunt always!
The most creative i site at Tirau, North Island

2) Backpackers hostel
Sometimes, the local backpacker hostel like BBH or YHA might have promotion for certain activities. They can get better deal if you book through them instead of paying directly to the companies. How they do it? I'm not sure, I just know you have to open your eyes big and pay attention to the deals.

3) Website
These websites are giving crazy discount. Everyday they will give a new deal. Those deals most of the time are 50% discount. Yes, you might get a Milford cruise with half price or even a hot air balloon with 50% discount!! The deal will work with sufficient buyer and you have to grab it before the time out!

Subscribe them so that you can get the deal in the first place.



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I am really enjoying reading your writing :)

Anonymous said...

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Theodore Teow said...

Thank you Hui Yi for sharing this super experience, nice to view your blog, it is helpful and enjoyable reading it.

Mei said...

Hi hui yi, thanks for the sharing especially on the websites which offer discounts. I have just visited the website and notice they required credit card for transaction. Did u bring credit card along with you?

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Really great place to visit..

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