Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wear In New Zealand

Weather in New Zealand is really unpredictable. It can be sunny day for the whole morning and suddenly it change to rainy day in the afternoon. The temperature difference can up even to 10°C in the same day. Some describe that weather in New Zealand is just like the mood of a lady, change unpredictable.

Therefore, as a backpacker, we must always be prepared. Prepare a jacket (or even more) with us all the while especially when we are travelling is a must!
Clear weather on one side and cloudy on the other side. So weird...

Spring/ Autumn
During this weather, basically you just need a jacket with you. During early spring or late autumn, you might need to wear 3 layers of clothes. The outer piece should be a wind proof jacket. Besides, scarf is one of the necessity as well.
Autumn in Auckland City

We are from summer country, I guess I don't need to say much on this weather. However summer in New Zealand is slightly cold than Malaysia. Average temperature 20°C ++

When I was in New Zealand, I was able to experience the autumn, winter and spring. I personally felt that winter is really a horrible season because it simply tooooooooooooooo cold!!!! When it was real cold, I just had a blank mind and couldn't concentrate on anything. My brain got stucked probably it freeze became  a big piece of ice... The saddest part was electricity cost in New Zealand is damn high and heater couldn't been switched on all the time. To beat the coldness, my highest record was having up to 6 clothes with me! Yes!

6 = Long John + normal shirt + marino + long sleve shirt + jacket + wind proof jacket.

Yet I still can feel the coldness. -_-''
typical walking bak chang (dumpling) in Thames

Oh ya, remember to bring at least one pair of wool socks. Wear it when you sleep definitely keep you warm.
Wondering what should bring from Malaysia and what should buy in New Zealand?

Long John/ Thermal Wear
If you stay in New Zealand during late autumn/ winter/ early spring time, remember prepare at least one set of long john with you. It's not easy to get a suitable size of long john in New Zealand. I bought a long john pant in NZ and the pant is quite long for me... perhaps i'm too short?? With the height of 159cm, I think I have the average height of asian lady. So, I think it'll be better to bring it from Malaysia instead of buying in New Zealand. Cost wise? It's almost the same because long john is selling a set in malaysia (top + pant) for RM100-200 and it was sold in New Zealand average NZD30-40 one piece (only top or only bottom).

Wind proof jacket
Clothes like wind proof jacket can buy in New Zealand. Wind proof jacket is very important because most of the time we feel cold is due to the wind but not the low temperature. One way to save our money is~ buy clothes at kid department!!! Don't laugh at this, it's not easy to get a suitable size in adult department. Again, I *thick face* have an average body size and most of the time I am wearing S size in Malaysia. My friends and I, four of us, all bought our clothes in kid department and those clothes suits us well!!

Merino is a type of wool famous in New Zealand. It is regarded as having some of the finest and softest wool of any sheep. It also good material to keep you warm. Clothes/ jacket with this type of material can easily purchased in New Zealand with reasonable price. So? Get it in New Zealand~


RHUN KIET said...

I like the waterfall.. I was there too... with so many long john, I still wonder what u are going to do with the long john in malaysia because I have so many of them

Anonymous said...

can i ask how much u earn from this working trip ~?
we r just graduated from high school and we r looking forward to join this trip too ~but one of my friends worry about how much she can earn as she need the money for the uni fee ~ pls , we need ur help ~~ ^^

歆狄娅hyen's said...

this is a working holiday,as holiday serve as your first intension,not earn money..

Siao Gang President said...

Hi Hui Yi,

Where can we get long john in malaysia?

Hui Yi said...

Siao Gang President: Any shop that selling winter clothes!! E.g. Universal Traveller and etc.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Dear Hui Yi,

how abou the shoes?
i saw some of your photo that you're wear boot, purchase at NZ or we should get it from here?