Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Travel Insurance? Buy or not?

Many people asked me 'Do I need a travel insurance for my NZ working holiday?' Some people might say 'No, don't waste your money on it'. 'Hey, it's gonna cost you few hundred Ringgit for nothing!;

But, if you ask my opinion, I'll definitely say YES. Don't save on that few hundred Ringgit and you gonna to pay more than that if anything bad happen!

Why you need it? It is just like the normal  personal insurance that you bought in Malaysia. So, ask yourself, why you bought insurance? Because you doesn't want to bear with debt when you meet an accident or when you fall sick.

This theory is just same with why I recommend people to buy a travel insurance. You'll never predict what is going to happen during your working holiday, especially in a country which is not familiar with. I am a very good live example, I also never predict that I'll meet an accident in New Zealand! Don't tell me 'Oh, you are bad luck, I won't be undergone the same incident like you!' Don't bull sxxx. Nobody going to predict what is going to happen in the future. If yes, then there is no such thing called 'accident'.

Yes, ACC do cover our medical expenses if we meet an accident in New Zealand. But they never cover for those who fall sick in New Zealand. The medical fees in NZ is terribly expensive! Before you able to see the doctor, registration fees charge you about NZD70, any further treatment is not covered yet and you need to pay for medicine somemore. How about if you lost your beloved DSLR camera/ laptop?

I met a lot of people facing different problems during their working holiday, some fall sick seriously because they are not used to the weather, some lost their passport, some dropped their camera/laptop and spoilt it. So, what you gonna do with it when you face this? Nah, that is just my bad luck. No!!! Buy a travel insurance and they gonna pay for you/ replace the them!

Besides that, if you are landed in New Zealand and you wish to buy a travel insurance there, you may visit Orbit Protector. (Thanks for a reader provide this information). This travel insurance is specifically design for those who go for working holiday.

So, wanna spend on it or not? It's up to you.


Anonymous said...

Dont worry, no matter you already in NZ or not. You can buy Travel Insurance with this:

This Travel Insurance is from NZ, special design for Working Holiday.

C2M said...

Dont worry, no matter you already in NZ or not. You can buy Travel Insurance with this:


This Travel Insurance is from NZ, special design for Working Holiday.

Hui Yi said...

Thanks for your info, I'll update it in blog. :)

Samuel said...

Which insurance agent did you bought your travel insurance from?

Anonymous said...

i want to ask can i claim when i get sick?

Hui Yi said...

Samuel: Shame on me. I didn't buy that time due to too rush. When I reached New Zealand and trying to buy and I couldn't find at that time. Never follow my stupid footstep.

Hui Yi said...

Anonymous: Yes, for travel insurance you can claim. :)

Anonymous said...

hui yi can u send me yr email add..i wan asking abt tat insurance ..and im going wh on 19march12 ..wish u can reply me asap ya

Anonymous said...

my email add is szechian87@hotmail.com

keane said...

hi thank you for the info!!

i have a few queries:

1. usually how much does it cost for outpatient cases let say not v serious no need to be hospitalized.

2. the registration fees is one time charge or is it chargeable at every different clinic you go to?

3. the orbitprotector insurance scheme said that
"The excess that applies to each claim ...
NZ$50 on all accidental injury claims and NZ$100 on all other claims"
meaning if the medical expenses is less than SGD 100 then we have to pay that amount and the insurance will not cover.

thank you


Hui Yi said...

Hi Keane,
1) I'm not sure how much it cost for outpatient because when I injured that time was due to accident and ACC covered for it.
2)Yes, it charge everytime when you see the doctor. Actually it is some kind like doctor's fees.
3) I am not quite sure about this. I suggest you email them service@orbitprotect.com and ask will have a actual answer. :)

gruberinjury said...

This journey cover is particularly style for those who go for working vacation.

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Mr Lonely said...

haha~ can buy it at > travel insurance Malaysia ma ~~

John Smith said...

Icbc Insurance
In now days travel insurance is very important in several accident sometimes many people could not get proper treatment,if they insured they can get a lot of benefits.

Anonymous said...

would like to confirm if we buy travel insurance, will it be a problem to claim when meet accident?
Because insurance company may claim that the coverage is purely for those traveler & not for WH.

Travel Insurance said...

Thus, we see that availing a proper travel insurance coverage before flying abroad is beneficial for anyone and everyone who is a part of that trip.

travel insurance

KimChee Lai said...

Hi Hui Yi,

Can i have ur email add as i have alots of question to ask u.
Hope u can help

Christine Perry said...

I will spend on it, because I want to be protected and skip paying some extra costs.
Every time I travel, my personal California health insurance was really useful and helped me get through some annoying situations how was my snowboard accident from last year. The company covered up everything and I didn't have to pay anything... only the monthly fee, which is insignificant.

C2M said...

If you want know more about this travel insurance that specifically design for NZ Working Holiday.
Pls message me at:
Because I'm their Officially Agent.
Wish to heard your good news soon.


Esther said...

Hi Huiyi,so do we need to pay for ACC?


this is good post.
and you can go here


tanks very much.... :)

Ron Schaberg said...

Great post. We know first hand what lack of insurance can do in an emergency. Sometimes your policy may already have you covered but you should always check to make sure.

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William Cooney said...

Indeed a great blog-post. life is very important. i always consider travel insurance at priority before planning any trip.

Sahil Doshi said...

As we all know that travel insurance is very important for us and you mentioned the benefits too in the post still i would like to suggest to consult with HDFC ERGO agents before buying a travel policy.

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Mikel Moor said...

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Contact air ambulance flights said...

With that kind of scenario in the picture happening to you so why not buy travel insurance?

John George said...

Nice blog!!!! Well I've noticed that from earlier 10 years, tax happen to be increase a lot as well as Government is keep about tighten the policies. Any salaried person who need to manage huge travelling, cannot survive without for travel insurance in this era.

Anonymous said...

nice post

Drake said...

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Travel Insurance said...

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Sanjay Bist said...

Some travel insurance providers verify your coverage immediately after processing your credit card payment but others require 2 to 5 business days to

Business Spider said...

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