Friday, February 24, 2012

Best Travelling Job in Taiwan - Blogger 台湾民宿体验大使

I read this interesting report in newspaper today. I guess those who loves to travel especially bloggers gonna crazy about this!!

A travel agent in Taiwan, East bnb, offer this amazing job:

Monthly Salary: RM25,000 monthly / RM150,000 half year
Requirements  :  Sincere
                        (No age limit, No specific nationality requirement! Means? Everyone including
Job Scope      :  Experience the backpacker hostels around Taiwan and blog about it!
Period            :  6 months

Wao, somebody gonna pay you for your backpack experience with high salary!!! Crazy? Is that true???  Are you kidding me??? It sounds too good, sound too unbelievable !!!!

No, that's true! This wonderful job attracts more than 2000 people to apply within 1 week time.

I want!!! Tell me what to do?? For more details you may check here.

Huh? Stay in 100 backpackers hostel with only SIX months time??

6x 30 days =180 days
180/100 = 1.8 days

Only 1.8 days in 1 hostel? Some more need to take photos and blog about it? Means.. work from day to night except sleeping time? Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr................................................................................

How about you? Wanna go for it? Register before end of April.


YvaineKong said...

does the salary include all the expenses you would need to have in taiwan, such as accommodation, facilities in the hotel and transportaton

Hui Yi said...

Er, from what I understand in the website, if u r the selected person, ur expenses will be covered.

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