Saturday, December 10, 2011

Stay in New Zealand

Working holiday in New Zealand, except from work, of course you need a place to stay. Most of the time, we, as a backpacker are looking for a CHEAP accommodation no matter we want to stay there for a longer period for work or just a few days for travelling.

Accomodation option:

1) Stay in a shared house
- A house share with others. You can make a lot of new friends from different countries.
- Shared House normally well equipped with furniture like bed, kitchen even cutlery are available.
- Rental is not paid by room but paid according to head count. 
  - 1 person -> NZD100-> 1 room
  - 2 person -> NZD200 -> 1 room
- Cost: average NZD80 - 120 per week depends on location

2) Homestay 
- Stay with kiwi!
- If you had the chance, you must stay with kiwis because this is the way to know the difference culture! Most of them are really friendly.
- Cost: average NZD80 - 120 per week depends on location.

3) Stay in backpackers hostel
- Normally this option is chosen during travelling or when first move to a new place.
- Cost: Average NZD10- NZD40 per night depends on the size of dorm and location.
- You can search for backpacker hostel in all area through this website, but if you want to stay in BBH or YHA, book  through phone directly or website will get a cheaper price.
- BBH and YHA are widely distributed in New Zealand, apply as their member and there will be NZD 3 discount per night!!
- Check with hostel the types of  facilities they are providing because not every hostel provide blanket, heater (this is VERY important during winter time), breakfast and etc.
- There is always a free food shelf and you may have any food you like in the shelf!
- Some lovely hostel might provide free soup or dessert at night!

YHA (Youth Hostel Association)
- I applied YHA membership before I went to New Zealand because it is cheaper to apply in Malaysia.
- Normally only 1 YHA available in each town.
- I applied the membership through MSL travel.

MSL Travel Sdn Bhd
Red Rock Hotel Lobby,
Macalister Road,
10400 Penang,
Tel  : 04-2272655 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            04-2272655      end_of_the_skype_highlighting  

BBH (Budget Backpacker Hostel)
- This hostel is most popular and it consists more than 300 hostel in New Zealand.
- The member card (NZD 45) can applied on the spot in any BBH in New Zealand.
- The member card includes $20 phone card which you can call back to Malaysia.

Apply for membership for BBH/ YHA is a MUST because
1) This served as a identity card for you as a Backpackers.
2) A lot of deals and discounts are given to backpackers.
3) Transport like intercity provide discount for backpackers.

How to find a shared house/ Home stay
1) Go to supermarket like Count Down/ New World and look for their notice board. A lot of notices related to accomodation will put up.
2)Put a notice in supermarket and mentioned that you are looking for a place to stay. As I tried, this method is quite effective.
3) Get help from Facebook for working holiday group.

Anything want to ask or top up to the information posted? Leave me a comment~


Loo Yee said...

I hope I can travel to New Zealand one day also..

Hui Yi said...

sure can~ :)

luilui钻石库*** said...

ur information just great. i will visit on march but just a short period abt 3 weeks. do you think i can find a short term job over? will return on May for 3 months stay.

Hui Yi said...

3 weeks perhaps a bit hard to get a job. But u can try ur luck if u wish to.

Kai Bin said...

heyy i wanna ask how do u find those shared house or homestay? Is there any website that u will suggest?

Hui Yi said...

There are a few ways to find a place to stay.
1) go to supermarket like count down or new world and look for their notice board. A lot of notice regarding accommodation will be put up over there.
2) you may also put a notice there and mentioned that you are looking for a place to stay. Most of the time, there will be somebody contact u.
3) Facebook for working holiday group.

Kai Bin said...

Thanks alot. Will definitely check it out by tat time. Cheers =)

Anonymous said...

May I know itzzit useful to use the YHA cards.

Hui Yi said...

If you stay in YHA, of course it is useful as members are given $3 discount per night. Of course, you can choose only have BBH card and only stay with BBH during your working holiday without YHA card.

Anonymous said...

Hi hui yi, may i know u start ur WH from when & which part u start from.
Your info is really useful, i preparing myself now!!!

Thank you!!

Hui Yi said...

Erm, I went to New Zealand in May 2011. That time I arrived at Auckland, stayed for few days for IRD and bank account opening. After that I travelled to Te Puke and worked there.

Julian Chin said...

Wonderful, wonderful stories here about what life's about on a working holiday.

Seems fulfilling.

Thanks for posting and taking the time to reply to your reader's comments/queries.


Hui Yi said...

Thanks for your compliment and support. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks hui yi.... i will start my journey end of next month & thanks for all useful info here, all this info help me a lot for my preparation....^^

Siao Gang President said...

Hi Hui Yi,

Sorry for posting a question for every section..^^. I would like to ask..which is better?BBH or YHA?

Hui Yi said...

Most of the time BBH is cheaper but YHA is quite standard in term of quality. So it depends on which BBH/ YHA. But of course BBH choices are more than YHA. If you just want to apply 1 card you can go for BBH. I applied both.

KEN said...

I am Hieu from Vietnam. I am prepare to go to NZ next month.
I question about IRD number, they need copy of Passport and drive;s licence (translated to English by a nominated traslator)can I just translate it at home and get it certified by my goverment?
And one more, I read on some forum they say we must have a address to get the IRD number, others say we can simply call everywhere and get it. It is so confused.

Thanh you hhuiyi, your Blog is great. Thank again for your sharing

Cs Chua said...

do i need to apply The 2 card or i just need to apply for one of the card so i can enjoy the benefits as u mention earlier?

Hui Yi said...

KEN: sorry for late reply. It can't be translate by urself, you must get your gov to translate it and certify. Some postshop in NZ only accept those translation license from NZ. For me, just avoid those post shop, go to other that accept translation from our own country.

CS Chua: actually it's up to u. There are some backpackers only apply BBH card. Depends where you want to stay!

august may said...

u find ur accomodation before reached new zealand or after reached new zealand?

Anonymous said...

BBH Card can be applied in Malaysia?

Anonymous said...

Orchard work in Hawkes Bay

aishwaryakamat17 said...

Thanks so much for sharing your itinerary! This will definitely help me plan our trip, but it also makes me feel like I need to extend our trip by about two weeks haha. Also available on Short term accommodation Christchurch.