Thursday, December 8, 2011

Work in New Zealand

Before you want to apply for working holiday, you must be wondering whether the salary there able to support your living expenses, how to get a job and what of jobs you gonna get?

Kind of jobs

Basically, most of us worked in factories, orchard, farm, restaurant or cafe. Of course, there are office work as well but this kind of jobs are very limited. Yeah, jobs available are like those part time job that you can get during your school holiday. Never expect work to be easy because you are having working holiday but not holiday solely. Most of the jobs are physical related jobs and you might need stand for a long time or use a lot of energy. But, don't too worry when you read this because everyone of us had gone through it and all of us were able to survived. Therefore, never try never know. For me, I worked in factories most of the time and the jobs were not hard but they required repetitive movements. Besides, I personally prefer factory work simply because the job was more stable!

Pay in New Zealand are given out in weekly basic. Most of the jobs are paid hourly. At this moment (2011), New Zealand gorvement set NZD13 (Change to NZD13.5 in April 2012) per hour as minimum wages (before tax). Of course, there are always some exceptional, like those who worked in orchard, they might paid by the quantity of fruits they have harvested. Wages can be given in the form of cash, cheque or they banked in to your account. 


IRD (Inland Revenue Department) is something like our income tax. This account is very important because for those working holiday people who have this account will be taxed (12.54-19.54%) depends on your total income. You may check your tax here. BUT, for those who do not have the account, you will be taxed up to 47%!!! Want to get more money from your work? Open an IRD account is the first step of working holiday.

Job Vacancy

1) Check through the notice board in backpackers hostel.
3) Checked through local newspaper which is available in library.
4) Contact local contractor/ agent. 
5) Direct walk in the factories.
6) Check through website

Seasonal Job website

Woofing -> You work for a farm for few hours per day, they provide you food and accommodation as return.
Exchange -> You work for backpacker hostel and they provide you accommodation.
Some people look for these options while they can't get a job.

Of course if you have any information would like to top up, please leave a comment~


TS said...

Thanks for sharing!
Very informative!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing, very useful info :)

tRaCy said...

if i dont have IRD number... how to register it?? and hoe to get IRD number???

Hui Yi said...

Register IRD at postshop in New Zealand. Very easy. Just need to fill up a form there.

歆狄娅hyen's said...

very informative and useful!abt the IRD part,haha.thanks gal~

阿布 said...

Hi, Hui Yi, thanks for all the useful information! Would like to ask do we need resume when apply for jobs? Or just call/write an email?

Hui Yi said...

Hi, resume will only be needed when u look for a job in cafe, restaurant or office. For packhouse, factories, resume is not needed.the best way to look for a job is walk in. Of coz for Email it so works as well but it is not as effective as walk in. :)

Hui Yi said...

Hi, resume will only be needed when u look for a job in cafe, restaurant or office. For packhouse, factories, resume is not needed.the best way to look for a job is walk in. Of coz for Email it so works as well but it is not as effective as walk in. :)

Jen said...

The bottom left photo of you with light blue shirt, Did you bought it or they provide you the uniform for working?

Hui Yi said...

Oh, that uniform is provided by the factory. The earmuff and the boots in the photo also given by them. (Of course have to return). We just need to put the uniform at the designated area everyday after our work and the laundry will done by the company. Good right?

xiaosian said...

hihi, thanks for your info, tat rili great,thanks alot~hehe

thE gEOgrAphicAlly blind said...

Hey, great blog! :)

How long have you been staying in NZ? I'm also thinking of applying this working holiday visa but I cannot stay too long.

Hui Yi said...

Geograpically blind: I stayed there for half year only. If u can't stay long u can just go for few months! The experience is great!

Hong said...

Hi Miss Hui,
I am planning to go NZ in Jan 2013, this is a really fantastic and useful blog that i have ever seen!
Thank you!

Thao Lai said...

Hi Hui :),

Thank you for your information.

I am from Vietnam, and I am currently staying in Auckland to work for a Thai restaurant. This is just a part time job and I cannot find a second one. I plan to move to Tauranga or Te Puke at the end of this March to find a job in pack house. Thus, can I ask you some questions relating to it :)

- How long you can work for a pack house. I heard that it depends on season and it is just about 1 month, then we have to find another one.Is it easy to find another one, or it takes 1,2 weeks to get new one?

- How many hour per week you work at the pack house?

- Any tip that we could find a job in pack house successfully?

Thank you so much, I look forward to your reply. Cheers,


Hui Yi said...

Dear Thao Lai,
There is no limit for you to work in a packhouse,it's depends on the season. If u work when the season just start u might work longer and up to 2-3 months. And it's pretty hard to say whether it is easy to hard to get another job in packhouse. if they need people, then yes, If no, then it might be hard. But so far I personally felt it's not too hard to get a new job in packhouse during season. The hardest probably is u need to go to the packhouse everyday and ask. And I did that last time.

How many hours? This question really depends. Depends the weather, depends the season. It might be 10 hours per day, and it might be only 4 hours per day.

Tips? go to the packhouse and ask everyday!! Stand and wait before they start their production! Sometimes they might just take you in when somebody absent.

Hope this will help.

Thao Lai said...

Thankkk you so muchh, it's very helpful :). thank you

KEN said...

hi Thao Lai,
I post on ur blog but no reply, do u check it often? Just want to keep in touch, I am leaving auckland in couple of weeks to do farm job, u still in auckland? ansd work for Thai res?

Anonymous said...

Hi huiyi, wanna ask, do you get the IRD immediately? i hear that we have to wait for them to send the IRD to some you put your backpacker's address? must get the number before looking for job?
thanks! =D

hihihaha said...

is it easy to get jobs in spring?

Wong Seow Zean said...

Hi huiyi
im Anson plan togo auckland at this august ..just wondering will there be jobs available at factory by tat time?


Anonymous said...

Hi Huiyi, would like to ask which season is most suitable to go New Zealand? And which part of New Zealand is nice?

Hui Yi said...

Yes, u need to wait for the IRD for about 1 week to 10 days (sometimes it depend). I wrote the address of my friend's house actually (who arrived new zealand earlier and got a home stay).
No, u can start work b4 u get your IRD but remember tell ur company to on hold ur pay until u get ur IRD number. This is because if they issue to u b4 u have the number, tax wil b pretty high and you will lose a big sum of salary.

Hui Yi said...

Not really easy. haha. but sure can get a job if u look for job aggressively. U can work in factory like mussels factory, which only close for 1-2 months for whole year. Or work as waiter and etc.

Hui Yi said...

Auckland? yes. u can work in those factory that produce medicine like alpha lab. They hire a lot of people. U may work in chocolate factory also.

Hui Yi said...

Haha.. so hard to determine. every season has its own unique part. But if u scare of cold, winter time might not suitable for u. It is freezing !

South island definitely a nice place to go. But if u plan to go new zealand for working holiday, then u better cover both north n south.

Vickie Goh said...

Hi, i m Oamaru now. Is hard to gt a job here! Canu recommend me some job or website for me?

Hui Yi said...

Vickie Goh: Yes, I think it's bit hard to get a job in Oamaru.. Just try your luck ask every cafe/ restaurant all around.

Selena Pham said...

Hi, Hui Yi
I read above comments and see you already mentioned about a chocolate factory. Can you provide me more detailed about where it is located in and when its season starts? Because I'm trying to find job in late September till this December, do you know any information regarding this one?

Elaine Han said...

Hi Hui yii, im going to New Zealand this coming mid june. Heard that its not easy t get a job in that season :S

Anyway, as u mentioned we could walk in and look for jobs right? Can i know how did you do that last time? As in transport vice . Looking forward to your reply ! :)