Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 5 Kaikoura Part I

Kaikoura, in Maori word, ‘Kai’ means eat and ‘Koura’ means crayfish. The name itself showed how famous the crayfish is. Crayfish, or called as ‘rock lobster’ is a must food to eat in Kaikoura. In order to taste the local fresh crayfish, we rushed to the shop ‘cods & crayfish’ at the moment we reached Kaikoura yesterday which was recommended by the receptionist of the hostel

Here was the fresh cray fish. 

 Yes, they just cooked it by using boiling water, that’s all. No added ingredient for it so that we can taste on the original fresh crayfish. This crayfish is just cost around $65 (of course we share it among four of us).

The shop assistance just wrap it with a paper like nasi lemak and we took this little creature to the seaside. The taste is yummy and delight simply because the crayfish is fresh! You must try this if u come to Kaikoura or else don’t ever tell others you have been here!!

After the long long story for the crayfish, we actually went for whale watch for the whole morning. This was definitely an interesting trip. Before we went for this whale watching, I imagined that the boat will take us out the sea and we should able to watch a group of whale. Then, after all the photo sessions and we’ll return to the land. However, the fact do not happen same like what I think. There was a briefing session before the tour and we was told that we will able to see ONE whale for the whole trip. What? ONE???? I expect to see a group? Why only one? They even told us that if we able to see more than one and it was considered a bonus. At that moment, I felt disappointed because ONE whale cost me $145. So we just proceed to our tour and here we departed to the sea.
The boat that took us for the whale watching.

The teeth for the whale!!! Big?

After the boat departed, except for the crew that doing explanation for the guest, the rest of the crew were busy prepare to chase for the whale. Yes, CHASE!! I never expect that the boat actually need to chase the whale! They use microphone to detect the location of the whale and they actually run after the whale. They drove the boat here and there and when the whale was nearby they stopped the boat and informed us to go up to the platform and prepare our camera. Everyone rushed out to get the best view of the whale BUT the crew told us that the whale did not swim up to the surface and everyone have to got back to their seat. This happened few times and all of us felt so tension because we scare we can’t see the whale!!! All the crews were so busy detecting the whale and contact with other crews in other boat. All of this hard work makes me felt that it’s actually worth to pay the money. I never think that so much work need to be done in order to see the whale. Of course, luck is always at our side. We able to see the whale, not one, not two, but we saw THREE whales. Yeah~ We got two bonus~

The sperm whale!!

The whale was a bit ugly as it had a square head. Hmm, I must get a chance to see blue whale.

The scene that we always watched in cartoon.

Oh ya, there were complimentary coffee, tea chocolate and some cookies on the boat. You can enjoyed it while the crews chasing the whale. Of course, remember to bring your lunch up the boat.
Stay tune for part 2 Kaikoura. There are too much stories to tell for this little town

Coffee that we had in Whale Watch Kaikoura Cafe.


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Nice blog!Ask for more!Will fly to NZ next year!

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Come NZ!! It is a nice place to travel.