Sunday, November 27, 2011

Food must EAT in New Zealand Part I

My love post~ Food version of New Zealand.

 Travel without eating good food is never a complete trip. Let me introduce the food must eat in New Zealand!! Of course, I'm the judge for all the delicious food this round. No offence! :P

1) Pie

Pie is the food you can see in every bakery shop. This is the Kiwi Food that must EAT in New Zealand. Kiwi even organise an annual Pie award called 'Bakels Supreme Pie Award' in New Zealand. That is enough to show how much Kiwi love Pie. The shop I would like to introduce is one of the winner in Supreme Pie Award. I've tried pies everywhere in New Zealand, of couse, pie with awards. Yet, I personally love the pie from this shop.

Vegetable and Steak Pie. 
Whole chunk of steak is available in the pie, vegetable is soft enough to match the pie, the gravy in the pie is so unique and you can even taste the different from the first bite of the pie until last bite. Wao~ Yummy

Name: Beaut Bakery Ltd
Address: 179, Spa Road, Taupo Town Centre, Taupo, Waikato. (Just opposite to Taupo Bungy)

2) Fish & Chip
Another type of Kiwi lover. When I was in North Island, some of people told me snapper was the best fish for fish & chip. But when I was in South Island, I was told that Blue Cod was the best. Sadly, I do not have a chance to try snapper fish & chip until the day I leave. *sob sob*. So, I can't tell you which is one is the best. Here, let me introduce the Best Fish & Chip that I had in South Island! 

The Fish & Chip. Of course it was Blue Cod. It was not oily and you can taste the freshness of the fish even though it was fried. Their beer batter chip with crunchy coating also a MUST EAT fries there.

Name: Lockies Takeaway
Address: 30, London Street, Hampden (Just five minutes away from Moeraki Boulder, Oamaru)

3) Burger
This is the famous burger in Queenstown and of course the best burger I had ever tried. The food that highly recommended by local and also the tourist guide.
The Southern Swine. 
The burger served is huge and it is as big as big face. No Cheating!! Beef and lamb in New Zealand is undoubtly good. It's really hard to describe how nice the burger is. Try it, You'll fall in love with it.

Name: Ferg Burger
Address: 42, Showover Street, Queenstown

4) L& P
Soft drink is my favourite drinks when I was small. Coca-cola, Sarsi, Sprite are common to us. After I grow up, I rarely have those soft drinks because they are simply too sweet for me. But when I reached here, I found a type of soft drinks which is refreshing! The taste is not too sweet and the lemonade make you want to drink and drink again.

L&P basically stands for Lemonade and Paeroa. Originally, Paeroa is the place manufacture this soft drink.

Name: L&P
Address: Can get it in all supermarket like Pak n Save, Count Down, New World and even in fast food restaurant.

Stay tune for Part II


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