Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Food must EAT in New Zealand Part II

Let me continue my food version blog in NZ. The top 10 food must eat in New Zealand. The judge of the yummy food of course none other than -> ME. Wahaha!

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5) Crayfish
When we talked about Crayfish, most of you must be thinking of Kaikoura. This lovely town which surrounded by snow capped mountain produced fresh crayfish, or some known as rock lobster. The Maori even named this place as 'eat crayfish' ('Kai' stands for eat, 'koura' is crayfish). So, how can you miss crayfish here?
The local used the most simple way is used to cook the crayfish to preserve the most original taste of it. The taste of crayfish is so nice and you should solely have it without any sauce. The additional sauce will just spoil and cover up the freshness taste.

This shop sells fresh crayfish with reasonable price.

Name: Cod & Crayfish
Address: 81, Beach Road, Kaikoura.

6) Fudge
I'm not sure whether fudge is a type of kiwi food or not, but it is definitely a western confectionery. It was my first time to have fudge. *shame shame* I have tried a few fudges from different shops, yet I think this shop sells the best fudge.

The fudge is really smooth in texture. In addition, the taste of the fudge is very rich and creamy. You can taste it before purchase and choose the flavour that you like. You can even mix and match! Get help from the shop assistant to cut the fudge into smalled pieces and you can combine and buy different flavour instead of buying 1 big piece with one flavour.

Don't be surprise when you step in, it is indeed a souvenir shop.

Name: Pot Pourri
Address: 60, Rue Lavaud, Akaroa
7) Cheese
Cheese lover please look here!! This factory produce lots of lovely cheese. They served free samples tasting everyday and if the free tasting couldn't satisfy your evil stomach, request for a platter! It just costs you around $5 (If I'm not remember wrongly) and you are able to taste 5 different types of cheese!!!
I personally like their brie so much. So rich, so creamy and so smooth! Thumbs up!!

Name: White Stone Cheese
Address:3, Torridge Street, Oamaru 

8)  Quiche
This is the kiwi food that I fall in love with at the moment I tasted it. I never heard of this food and never tried it before I stepped in New Zealand. The only reason I ordered this is just because I never see this before. :P OKOK, I know I'm the frog under a coconut shell. 

This is Smoked chicken courgette & sun dried tomato Quiche. So soft and so delicious. Yummy~ I even want to learn how to make this so that I still can have it when I back home! Sadly, SOMEONE promised to teach me but he had forgotten until the day I leave New Zealand I still didn't know how to make it!!

When I searched this cafe online, I found that this cafe won a lot of awards! Yes, awards again, kiwi love awards. That shop won 2010 best cafe award, gold winner entertainment, best family restaurant 3 years running. Awesome!

Name: Circus Circus Cafe
Address: 447, Mt. Eden Road, Auckland, New Zealand. 

9) Grand Angus Burger
Yeah, McDonald's seem like everyone's choice all over the world. This special burger is just sell in Australia and New Zealand (according to wikipedia). Of course, this burger is the BEST burger served in fast food restaurant! No cheating. One of my friend, she never take beef because she doesn't like the taste of beef. But, after she tried this Angus burger,she FALL IN LOVE with it!!

Name: McDonald's
Address: Everywhere

10) Coffee
Coffee in New Zealand always not our (Malaysian) cup of tea. Kiwi loves light coffee but we prefer strong coffee. However, we still trying coffee in those cafe which is highly recommended! And lastly, we finally found  a place served good coffee!

Again, this coffee shop always packed with a lot of customers. If you do not wish to dine in, you may order the coffee through the window and collect there.

Name: The Fix
Address: 87, St David, St North, Dunedin.
Mark down all this MUST EAT food in your to do list! Or else, you will regret!!


RHUN KIET said...

There is one more thing ... I dunno u like or ... it is the Salmon Sashimi in NZ.. there is one Japanese restaurant in Dunedin (right in the middle of city after the train station) which sells the very nice Salmon Don and Salmon Sashimi... Forgot what name de (fresh and tasty)
YUM YUM YUM... all your food looks so delicious...

Hui Yi said...

Too bad.I miss out another nice food.

RHUN KIET said...

hahaha.. never mind, u tasted more food than me ..... hehehe..... miss nz food la