Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Parking Sign in New Zealand

This kind of sign you can see it everywhere in New Zealand. This is new to a foreigner like us, but it never strange to kiwi. 

And because of this, we got our first summon in New Zealand. *sob sob*. The sign above with the number 40 means that you can only park your car for 40 minutes at that parking lot. No matter you pay 1 hour parking fees or 2 hours fees, you can only park you car for 40 minutes. No exceptional!

Never think that it's not easy for police to trace the time you park there!!!! We underestimate the police, and 
we have to pay for that!

We are forced to donate NZD20 to the NZTA (New Zealand Transport Agency)..... which is equal to our two hours pay!! It's never easy to stand and work for 2 hours.

Therefore, never follow our footstep.....

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badboy said...

Thank you for your info.
how about the arrow? What does it mean?
10 for 10 minutes? it's too short!