Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 9 Wanaka -> Franz Joseph

When we talk about Wanaka, most of the people will think about Laka Wanaka, Sky Dive Wanaka and Puzzling World. This night, we planned to overnight at Franz Joseph so that we can start our hiking early morning in the next day. We can't keep on driving whole day long without any entertainment, that's totally not our style!!! Therefore, a small program had been slotted into the passby point- Wanaka.

We decided to go for this Puzzling World located in Wanaka. There are two options for us, one is Great Maze and the other one is illusion world. I wish to go for both options. However, due to time constrain, we just go for illusion room.

Some special spell was needed in order to enter the illusion room. Luckily I learnt a little bit from Harry Potter.

There were a lot of faces kept on starring at me!! When I walked to the left, all of them turned to left and when I stepped to right, they starred at me at right also. So scary....

Never mind, let me get closer with them and be their friend.

OK, after some times, we became friends. They invited me to a VIP room.

OMG! I met a GIANT there!! I  was so tiny there! The giant even gave me some super power! Let me show you my power!!!

This was just an easy task for me. I don't need to learn it from Michael Jackson.

Another easy task!

It was an unique experience for me! I was like the Alice in the wonderland but I gain super power there and Alice didn't. ^ ^

OKla, I know, time's up. Proceed to hostel again, Glow Worm Cottage in Franz Joseph tonight.

Accomodation: Glow Worm Cottage
Cost: $96/ room (Room for 5)
Description: Super cheap! This just cost $19.20 per person. Of course, that was because this was room for 5. Sometimes, some hostel might have special offer for rooms, which means you can take up the whole room with a cheaper price. However, this kind of room does not available most of the time. Except from the price, the hostel was warm~ Clean bathroom, clean kitchen. I'll recommend this hostel~

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