Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 8 Oamaru Part II

The must do in Oamaru of course is to witness the smallest penguin in the world, the little blue penguin. Apart from that, we can see the yellow eyed penguin iin this area as well.

There is a yellow eyed penguin colony available in Oamaru and it is FREE to have a look on the penguin! Yes, I love FREE stuffs. Ahem, who doesn't like free stuff?? Don't lie.

The only homework you need to do in order to see the yellow eyed penguin is go to the i site in Oamaru and ask them what is the best time to see the penguin. Hey, you thought penguin will stand there for the whole day and wait for you??  Here is not zoo, those penguins are wild!! Penguins do not appear always but they will only go to the sea before sea rise or back to the shore before sun set.

Time to see may change because the sun rise and sun set varies! OK, here we come, the yellow eyed penguin!!

 Yeah, I know the photo quite blur because that is the maximum zoom that my camera can done.

All you need to do is just wait, wait for the penguin to come back. Of course, sometimes you need some luck to see the penguin back to shore. Needless to say, we were the lucky one. We able to see a few penguins shaking their butt when they back to shore~ Ahh, they were just too adorable.

 This was the place we waited for the yellow eyed penguin. Surprise? The shore looks far away..... Yes, it was indeed very far from the platform. So train your eye sight before you go there! The main purpose they set up the platform is to protect those penguin being disturbed by tourists.

After witnessed the yellow eyed penguin, now, it was time for the little blue penguin~ We were the kiasu group and we worried that we can't see the smallest penguin in the world. Therefore, we agreed to pay to ensure we can see A LOT of little blue penguinsssss. Anyhow, it just cost $25 to see those penguin.

This was the place to view the penguin - Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony.

We booked the evening tour to see the bird back from their day fishing. Wao, there were a lot of cute cute little penguins back to their home!! Sorry, camera was not allowed for the tour to protect the penguin. So, no photos will be posted.

Let me replace the photo with this! Yeah, the little blue penguin~

OK, I admit I still snapped a few photos on the penguins.

When you come here, remember to take a photo with this special sign board. Penguin crossing, the trademark of Oamaru, You can't find this sign board anywhere else!!

Accomodation: YHA Oamaru
Cost: $25/ person
Description: Not much people in this hostel while we stayed there. But the hostel is clean, wall of room was painted with sheep, even the bathroom was decorated with their trademark, penguin~ Room was equipped with heater, however, heater will switch off automatically after 30 minutes. So you need to turn it on every 30 minutes. Overall, the hostel is acceptable.

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Yan said...

one day if i got my own house, i will paint my room's wall like the YHA, full of sheep and clouds