Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 10 Franz Joseph Glacier

Glacier is a place that MUST GO in New Zealand, According to my tour guide, there are only three glaciers in the world are accesible by human, two of them are located in New Zealand and the other one is in Argentina. The two glacier of course non other than Fox Glacier and Franz Joseph Glacier. Today, we chose Franz Joseph to make our South Island trip more perfect. Don't ask me what's the difference between two glacier. If I have the chance to go to Fox Glacier, I'll tell you here.

A small advice to those who want to go to Franz Josepf: Take up a one day trip instead of half day for the glacier!! This is because you need to pass through a rocky road before you can go up the hill. 
The path already take 45 minutes and it took another couples of minutes to climb up the hill! Yes, you need to climb up the hill before you can step on the glacier. So, if you take half day trip, you probably just spend 1-2 hours on glacier only. IT'S NOT WORTH to come all the way and spend ONLY ONE HOUR on glacier!!!

Although all of us were not really good in stamina but we insisted to go for full day trip which cost us $180. After we made our decision, all of us were in fear. WHOLE DAY TRIP!! Can we make it?? Tongariro Alpine Crossing which took us up to 9 hours to complete had been haunted us. Undoubtly, the trip to Tongariro was a worth-to-go trip but this trip I'll only go ONCE in my life and I wouldn't go for second time. It was too exhauted, too........ tiring for me. In addition, that time was winter and we were anguished that we couldn't leave the forest before the sun set (Sun set at 5pm) ! Although we were so tired, but we still forced our legs to keep on moving in a fast pace and we were actually running with time!! I can still remember those image vividly. It was horrible, at least for me.

Until the day we made the reservation and confirmed that one day trip was actually took us 4-5 hours only to complete! We felt reliefed on the spot. Thanks God~

OK, back to the trip. The company provided us a complete set of attire, from top to bottom. Hat, , pant, socks, shoes and glove. Of course, you need to wear a few layer of top to keep yourself warm. The guides were lovely enough, they splited our group into two after we finished walking the rocky road; the fast and slow group. Of course, I was in the slow group. ^ ^
Following slow group definitely suitable for me. The guides will arrange several stops to ensure all of us had enough stamina to follow.

This, of course was not included in our package. Haha~ There are several package available and for those who wish to go for ice climbing, you may go for this option.

We walked along the glacier. I know I looked like pregnant in the photo. Indeed, I was pregnant~ with my lovely Canon G12 inside. I must ensure my baby rest well in my stomach.

We followed one by one.

Went through the amazing glacier.
Went up and down the staircase created by our guide.

Safety measures never depleted in the whole trip.

Yeah, we managed to conquer the glacier!~! Come and hike at glacier!!!!


Chi Hong said...

Hey Hui Yi

I would like to know that is this glacier available throughout the whole year?? As I would like to climb this glacier in April 25 2014? Can you email me the information which website you book the tour?

Thank you

Chi Hong

Anonymous said...

it should be avail all year round....i was there last year april....but i did Fox instead...and yes, pls choose the full day trip....

1 said...

Hi Huiyi,

May I have the contact of the company that you book the tour from?


SnOOpy WaN MeI said...

Hi Hui Yi,

May I have the contact of the company that you book the tour from?

Thanks and regards,
Wan Mei