Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 11 Franz Joseph-> Queenstown

After days by days, our well organised trip had came to day 10. Since it was day 10, I think we were deserved to be a real tourist, to have a real relaxing trip. Of course, I didn't mean we were not tourists before this. We were, but we were more to a backpacker. We had to stick with our budget tightly.

  We went to a few famous lake before we proceed to our next destination.

First to present to you was Lake Wanaka~
OK, I lied. Photos were taken during our way to Franz Joseph. Of course, photos can be taken again when you leave the place.

Another lake that we passed by, Lake Hawae.
Personally, I think this lake was more charming compared to Lake Wanaka.

And lastly, the famous lake that you MUST GO if you happened to be in this area! That is none other than .......
Lake Matheson!!!!!

Wao~~~ Such a stunning view.  The best photo always have to keep at the back!! This lake is famous with its near perfect reflection. Those who love to take photograph must fall in love with this place. I have to emphasize, this photo is 100% genuine and NO photoshop is done!!

Of course I had to squeeze myself in the photo to proof that I had been there~ :P

After passed through all the lakes, finally, we stepped into Queenstown, the town that everyone told us it was beautiful, the town that you must go if you come to New Zealand.

Indeed, this town was lovely. I like the feeling being in this town because the town wasn't too quiet, it packed with people (or I should say tourists?) and shop lots. On the other hand, the town was not too commercialize, the feeling of relaxing and friendliness of people were still there.

This day, we pampered ourselves by having a relaxing schedule. We walked around Queenstown and immersed ourselves in this beautiful town.

Oh ya, this place was famous with its souvenir selling. A lot of souvenirs were selling here and they were quite cheap compared to those selling in others cities. At the same time, those shops was not closed early compared to other cities as well~ This is important to tourists like us because most of the shop lots in some towns close before the sun set. So depressing. -_-'' Shopaholic, get ready yourself when you are here!! This is the place for you!!

I wish I could shop crazily here at that moment. Badly, I was still a backpackers, my working holiday haven't come to the end. I can't brought too much stuffs with me.

Nevermind, I believe I'll back here again one day. Queenstown, wait for me!!

Accomodation: Absoloot BBH
Cost: $26 / person
Description: Typical city style backpackers hostel. Lots of herbs and free food available. The place was acceptable but our luck was bad. We shared the room with a guy with STRONG BAAAADDDDDDDDD smell. I think he dropped into a pool of SXXT and forget to shower himself before back to the room. Sigh...

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