Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sky Diving

Everyone come to New Zealand has their own 'must do' list. For me, one of the 'must do' is sky dive! Yes, sky diving~ Early morning, we were picked up by this company and did our virgin skydive at Taupo.

We were so worry that the weather might change to bad as the forecast showed that it should be raining on that day. Since the first day I come to New Zealand, I read forecast very frequent and I would say the accuracy of the forecast is up to 99% . However, we were so lucky that the day was just fall within the 1% of the inaccuracy. How lucky were us!

Here are the reception counter.
Can you see the aircraft behind us. Yes, it brought us up to the sky!

My name was up there!! I was ready for sky dive, 15000 feet height!!!

Ready for my precious photos?

The attire that we had to wear for the sky dive!

I jump!!!

Sky dive is really super fun. I felt nervous at the moment we jumped out from the plane but after few second, my feeling changed!

I enjoyed the moment, I was flying in the sky!! Fly!!
Something unexpected was i felt pain in my ear after few second due to the pressure difference. However, it did not last long and I still can enjoy the beautiful Taupo view high in the sky. I even saw Mt Ruapehu.

fly away...

Yes, I came, I felt, I conquered.

We did it  I never think that I'll fall in love with sky dive. Yes, I love it.

To view my video, click here.


Barbarian said...

Hi! I came across your blog while surfing for others' experience in NZ on working holiday visa.

I am currently in Whangarei, North Island.

Are you still in Te Puke now? Where are you working in? I travel with another friend (btw we are Malaysians as well)and we are currently looking for a job.

May I know how much you did the skydiving for?

Yan said...

great experience but ears pain like hell!

Yan said...

flying fox and swing next since we finished sky dive and bungee!

Hui Yi said...

Barbarian: I'm in Blenheim now. I spent $483 for 15000ft sky dive with free fall DVD and also photos. If photos and DVD is not important for you, you actually can do bungy and skydive together with $449. ^^

Yan: Hmm.. money money money....can consider after earning money. haha~

Barbarian said...

Hi! Thanks so much for your info! Your blog is very informative.

May I know did u leave your packhouse job due to end of season or did u leave because it has been 3 months there? This is because I am currently looking for a job and wondering if there is any job opportunities in Te Puke.

How about u? Going to tour the South Island or will look for job as well?

Hope to hear from u soon! (:

Philip said...

Keep it up.thanks for sharing.

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Karen said...

Wow, you're so brave!! Congrats that you have done it

ruzzel01 said...

That would be so very exciting.

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