Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 1: Te Puke-> Gisborne-> Napier

Such a long time I never update my blog. I’m not missing during this period but I travelled from North Island to South Island. After 3 months hard work in Kiwi packhouse, finally we able to collect some money for our trip. So, the following blogs are all about my 14 days trip.

Day 1, Te Puke -> Gisborne -> Napier

Finally we left Te Puke, the small town that we stayed for 4 months. This little town gave us a lot of wonderful memories. We had our first job here, we have our first kiwi friend here (Yes, Garth, I'm talking about you!) and also our first home stay in New Zealand. Every story has their start and end, an ending for life in Te Puke and now we start new chapter of life - South Island trip.

During our first day, there were not much interesting story  because we were having 8 hours driving throughout the day. Driving definitely was hectic but we were lucky enough because there were 5 of us and we could take turn to drive.

The road from Gisborne to Napier was real tough as it surrounded the hill turn here and there for a long distance. However, there were some nice view along the way.

We went Tolaga Bay for photo taking. I should post some photos regarding this Tolaga Bay but I found that I lost them!!!! *sob sob* Anyway, it is a nice place to go.

The photos below was taken in Napier on the next morning. There is a nice beach behind the i site.

 I know it is kind of weird to wear like this and stand at the beach side. No choice, cause the weather still cold.

Lovely beach.

After that, we followed the guide in Lonely planet and had our historical walk around the town.

We found that the street was well decorated. 

So nice~

The picture indicated four seasons in New Zealand.

I like what it stated for Winter. During winter time, it was really hard to get your clothes dry. Sometimes we hang there for few days yet they were still wet like taken out from washing machine. At last, we hanged our clothes near the fire place in living room. Whole house was full with clothes!! Feel sorry for my house owner. :P

That's my Day 1 trip. More interesting stories behind

Accomodation : Criterion Art Backpacker
Cost: $20/ person
Description: A good place to stay as the building itself was a historical building. It just doesn't look like a backpacker before you step in your dorm. Free breakfast is included~

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Yan said...

Yea... I agree that Napier is a great place. It is one of my favorite towns in New Zealand!
And, the criterion backpackers hostel can be labelled as a paradise if compare to Absoloot in Queenstown and Leeway's in Blenheim.