Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 2 Napier-> Hasting-> Wellington

Day 2

After the morning walk around the town, we went to Classic sheep Skin to see the process of the sheep skin. Free tour was held everyday on 11am. The assistant of the shop was good because she still brief us the process even though we were the only people joining the tour. 

After Napier, it’s time to move again, and now we reached Hasting. We went to the famous Te Mata Peak. 

It’s a place to have the panorama view of Hasting. The view up there is beautiful. 

A must place to go in Hasting~After some photo sesson, we moved to wellington. Finally, we arrived the capital of the country. Of course, when we reached there it was almost night time. 

Accomodation: Down Town Backpacker
Cost: $24/person
Description: A typical backpacker hostel in city. Nothing special. But location is just in the town area.


Yan said...

We didn't take any photo about Wellington's traffic? Such a messy me...

Hui Yi said...

Ya, messy city with terrible traffic.

xiaosian said...

omg. every scenery in there is really nice ~color of sky also much different compare in here