Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 3 Wellington ->Picton -> Nelson

Wellington is a windy town. I was just able to spend a night and also one whole morning in Wellington because we need to take ferry on 12.00pm. Since we had limited time, we choose the most significant place to go - the Te Papa Museum which was highly recommended by most of the travel guide.

The entry is free and it consists a lot of information in the Museum. Almost all important information was available inside including history, the flora and fauna, the culture in New Zealand and etc. But, the only essential item that we lack of was time. The time we had was too limited and we can’t really digest all the information published in Museum. It was such a wastage that we can't spend more time in it. If you come to Te Papa Museum, please allocate one whole day for this and I'm sure it is worth to spend your time in.

Finally, we took ferry to South Island, from Wellington to Picton. Yeah~ our REAL south island trip gonna started~ There were two different companies of ferry and we chose Blue Bridge because it is cheaper. 

After our car parked in the designated area of the ferry, we took all our food into the ferry. 

Yeah, for those of you taking ferry with your car, remember to prepare your food and take it together with you! Once the ferry departs, you can’t go back to your car and take your food anymore. Of course, you may choose to buy it in the ferry. Small little tip, if you stayed in X base, remember to take the voucher inside the booklet and you can get a cup of free coffee in ferry. :P

The view Along the ferry. 

The wind was so strong on the ferry that day. It was really hard for us to stand at the platform for a longer time as it was freezing out there.

Some people said we might able to see dolphin while the ferry travelling. Sadly I can't even see a single of them but my friend was lucky enough to see three after she wait for more than 1 hour. I know, I was not determined enough to wait for the dolphin just because I do not want to turn myself into ice cube.

The ferry took us around 3 hours to arrive at Picton. After we reached South Island, we straight away go to Nelson, our first station in South Island.

Accomodation: Tasman Bay Backpacker
Cost: $22/person
Description: Free hot chocolate pudding with ice cream every night, Free wifi, Free bike~ Lovely backpacker, clean and comfortable~ Like it~


Yan said...

More than 2 hours I waited to see those 3 dolphins... damn lucky on that day...

Hui Yi said...

oh, more than 2 hours? Anyhow u still able to see it. Lucky day for you.

Yan said...

yea... 1st time to see dolphins, i was very very excited

Anonymous said...

1. i just wonder any other transportations that are relatively convenient to travel around?
2. where u put yr luggage or stuff when u travel around? (is that a car is a must to placed my stuff?)