Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Top 10 Items to Bring for Working Holiday

Let me list out 10 items which you might not thinking of bringing it along but it plays an crucial role in your New Zealand Working Holiday. Bear in mind, this is NOT the top 10 important items to bring.

1) Day Pack
I would says 99% people will go for hiking/ walk during your working holiday. There are simply too much walkway for us to explore. A good quality day pack is important for you to bring along your necessity and the most important is it will make you more comfortable during your hiking.

2) Compression bag
This is definitely a good helper for you a long trip! It allows you to have more (instead a lot) space to pack your things! But bear in mind, it doesn't reduce the weight of your items. :) You can buy it at Daiso,  Ace Hardware or some traveller's shop. It just cost RM5-10 each.

3) Multi Pocket Security Belt
Passport, credit card!!! Although New Zealand is a country famous with its good security, it is better always to be careful. Bring your passport together with u all the time with this belt. You never know what kind of people are with you especially in the backpackers hostel. Yes, I am coward type, I even hug it when I slept in backpackers. This is slim and adjustable, just hide it underneath your clothes. It cost around RM20. Get it at traveller's shop like Rofina.

4)Skin Care
Remember to bring enough skin care for your whole trip!! The variety of skin care in New Zealand is very limited. If you don't mind to risk your face with unfamiliar product, leave this in Malaysia.

5) Sun Block
If you wish to use sun block with more than SPF50, bring it from Malaysia. There is no such thing in New Zealand. Sun block is important because the UV here is extremely high. Don't torture your skin.

6) Sun Glasses
Not for beauty purpose, the UV here is simply too high, sometimes you will feel your eyes are uncomfortable after have a long walk outdoor. Love your eyes.

7) Rubber Band
I must emphasize on this! It is very very very very hard to find a rubber band in NZ which kiwis don't have the habit of tying up their food (biscuits, potato chips). You will need it when your food / ingredients need to tied up. Bring 1 pack of rubber band to NZ!!!

8) Counter Pain
This will be your best mate if you work outdoor. Even you do not work outdoor, you will need it after some great hiking (Tongariro Alpine Crossing!!! 8 hours of hike)

9) Hair Dryer
Bring this along if you wanna pass your Working Holiday during winter time (even spring/ autumn cause it's gonna be cold). You will love this when you are cold and with wet hair!

10) Extra Camera Battery
Yes, highly recommend on this. If you have spare, please bring it. A lot of my friends have their camera battery gone during the important time!


Samuel said...

Where did you get the Multi Pocket Security Belt?

Samuel said...

I wonder if it's safe to bring along DSLR, as my friend plans to bring along his to WHS and he worries that while going to work, leaving the DSLR behind is a bit risky, what say you?

Hui Yi said...

Samuel: Multi Pocket Security Belt can get at those traveller's shop like Rofina.

Erm, I have quite a number of friends brought their DSLR there and so far none of them lost it. That time I stored my camera in my luggage bag and locked it. So, depends on you!

Samuel said...

Thanks, I will visit the traveler's shop to look around. :)

Anonymous said...

hi Hui Yi, what is ur advice on daily sunblock SPF? I mean not for long hour hiking day, just normal daily little outing time (eg: most of the time doing indoor work, only part of the time expose to outdoor)
Is SPF 50 enough for this?

Hui Yi said...

I think for daily usage SPF 50 is just nice. I used SPF50 as well. :)

Bell's said...

Aiyah why now only i saw this! I really really realized that skin care for moisturizing purpose is super important! (im using exactly the same product as yours hehe) the weather here super dry.
And if you can, bring vaseline oilment for your crack lips would be better.
Sun screen is a must too no matter you work outdoor or today is my second day of working outdoor (@@) but i do feel the sun screen is important if you don't wanna be a roast chicken when go bek to malaysia. im using Sunplay spf25 (white bottle) and neutrogena (which is reaaaaaly good and non sticky)

and the most important thing after all is COUNTERPAIN!!! or some Mentholatum Cooling Gel would be good...after my first day of working like cheap labor, i totally cant feel my back, my backside, my thigh, my arms, my everything =.=

Hair dryer...haiz...i din bring it but i wish i could hv it

Anonymous said...

Bell, so u could survive without hair dryer or are u gonna buy a hair dryer there?

littlefishyu said...

thanks your blog is very informative I've just got my visa 2 days ago and are collecting info about working holiday @ new zealand!:)

Hui Yi said...

Congratulation! littlefishyu. u will enjoy your llife max over there.

Jojo said...

hi there! i wanna know how much of supply of skincare you actually brought it over there? is it that hard to find proper brands over there?

Anonymous said...

May i know what is your bagpack Litre ?