Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 5 Kaikoura Part II -> Christchurch

There were always a lot of nice view while driving in New Zealand. 'Wao, What a beautiful scenery' This kind of compliment became a norm throughout the trip. But during our way to Kaikoura, one of my friend said 'I saw a fur seal on the road side!!' Huh?? Fur Seal on road side? Ridiculous!! How can a fur seal just lying on the road side? My friend of mine who was driving start complaining and she said that she wanted to have a look on fur seal as well. At that time, we saw a lookout point just right in front of us and we drove our car there.

 At the moment we walked in the lookout point, we knew we reached 'Ohau Point Seal Colony'. We accidentally walked in a seal colony!!

 There was a platform for us to stand and viewed the fur seal playing at the shore.

 I always like the way how kiwis set up the tourism attraction places. Here is a very good example, they found the fur seal colony and they set up a sign board, a proper platform so that tourists can come forward and have a look. They even set up an information board so that tourists can know more about fur seal.

So, if you are travelling to Kaikoura, when you are able to reach, pay attention to the left hand side, there is a sign board written 'Ohau Point' and u may just grab a chance to look at teh seal colony for FREE~

In Kaikoura, there was another place for fur seal viewing, that was Keen Point Car Park. Car Park? Yes! The cute fur seal came and conquered the car park after it was built. 

There are slight differences between two attraction points. Of course, there are more fur seals at Ohau Point compared here. But you can just see the fur seal from far at Ohau Point but over here, the fur seals just lie on the road a few meters away.

Be careful of the fur seal! Don't ever think that they are harmless, fat and hard to move. If you stand too near to them or you have some sudden movement in front of them, they might thought you want to attack them and they will attack you! Never doubt of this. My friend of mine tried to stand near to one of the fur seal to take a photo, but the seal suddenly roared at her!! It was really scary.

After the photo session, of course, it was time for us to proceed to the next destination again - Christchurch. This night we stayed in Christchurch.

Accomodation: Kiwi House
Cost: $25/person
Description: The room of the hostel is too small, we were arranged in a room for 6 but you can hardly move around even there are shelf for you to put your luggage. The duvet is surprisingly heavy and I can hardly breath if I cover it. Honestly I don’t like this hostel but we book it because other hostels are fully booked/ expensive.


Yan said...

think back the trip in Kaikoura, if i am one of the fur seals, sleep on a rock, lie under the sun, far away from such messy troubles...what a simple and wonderful life

Hui Yi said...

Yan: haha, to be the fur seal, the first requirement is to eat a lot.hehe..

Yan said...

be a fur seal, with all those fat, i wont feel cold ever night... so nice

Anonymous said...

How many person you went together with along the trip ?