Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 12 Queenstown - The craziest game I've ever played

Day 12 in Queenstown was a memorable day to me. The day I never thought that it will come true. I wouldn't say that I am a daring lady, I'm not fond to extreme game, I'm not too adventurous type of lady. Sometimes I even need to think twice before I play the roller coaster.

But this day, I broke my own guinness record.

I went for BUNGY JUMPING!!!

 OMG, the crazy game that I always say!!

I didn't know what actually gave me the courage to go for this game. I always describe this as a suicide game. This game never come through my mind before I went to New Zealand.

After I stepped in New Zealand, I changed my mind, I would like to challenge myself and give it a try.

Bungy jumping was not as scary as what I always think. The feeling of falling down was exactly same with the feeling of sitting in a roller coaster going downhill.


It was over..

I was survived!!

This round bungy jumping taught me a very good lesson, some of the things, you  never try you never know.

Venue: Kuwarau Bridge, Queenstown, New Zealand
Cost : NZD $180

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pheo said...

I like your new blog display photo at the top of the blog. And very nice picture captured for your bungee jump. U have something which I had always wanted to do without hesitation but I dare not leave behind my commitment. Something I will always envy you :)