Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 8 Oamaru

Before our arrival, 'Oomaru', the name gave me a boring impression, my mind kept on imaging a small and dull town waving to us. Therefore, I never have high expectation towards this place. The only things that attracted me to the town was the famous little blue penguin and the yellow eyed penguin.

After I arrived this town, I knew I was wrong, totally wrong. It was almost out of my expectation, the town was so lovely and so unique.

The street in the town was well decorated, I felt that I stepped in a live art musuem.

After I came here, I learnt that this town was famous with its landscape and architecture.

The acrhitecture was famous in 19th century.

The Opera House in Oamaru

It was worth to come even just walked around the town.

Even the shop and the ladies who sold lollies were lovely. I felt that I fell into the world of comic.

After exploring around, we went to the famous White stone cheese factory in Oamaru. Yes, Cheese, I was coming!!

 There were a lot of award winning cheese produced by this factory. If you are a cheese lover, don't miss the chance to visit this factory.

 Everyday they will prepare a few free samples for the customer to taste. But the tasting was just not enough for us.

Therefore, we ordered this platter to satisfy our stomach!!! Personally, I love the Brie produced by Whitestone. It was so smooth, so creamy and the taste of cheese was just nice. OMG, this is the best cheese I tried in New Zealand. 

After satisfied our stomach, it was time to prepare ourselves to witness the smallest penguin in the world!! Stay tune~

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