Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 15 Dunedin

Day 15 was not included in our itinerary. Our plan was to stay in Blenheim after our trip ended and looked for a job over there. Since there was a long journey to travel from Queenstown to Blenheim, let me visit some new cities on the way ^^. Wait, am I doing a mistake for the topic?Why it is Day 15 instead of Day 14??? No The title was right! It was because nothing much can be updated for Day 14. We had a relaxing day in Queenstown on that day after farewell with our beloved travel mate.

Dunedin, again, another surprise for me.It was a big and beautiful city. How big was it, it was comparable to Auckland and Wellington! A lot of great architectures and buildings sitting in this lovely city. Before I came, I never know that Dunedin was the second largest city in South Island.


Photo taken beside the i site. Of course, main character was sakura.

University of Otago. I felt like wanna enter university again at this moment.

Sorry, those sakura was too attractive! Another shot with sakura at Otago University~

The first church of Otago
 Tairei Gorge Railway Station. Not only attractive externally, but inside the station was well decorated.

Larnach Castle, the only castle in New Zealand. which I think less attractive compared to others building

And, a place that you must go in Dunedin...... The steepest street in the world!!!- Baldwin Street
Yes, it is steepest street in the world!! No bluffing! Because it is recorded in the Guinness Book of record!!!!

If you think you are fit enough, join the annual Baldwin Street Gutbuster!!! What you need to do was to run from the base of the street to the top and back again! Certificate will be given to those who participate in this event!

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