Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 13 Doubtful Sound

Finally, my blog climbed to day 13. Ya, I know I'm a bit slow in updating, but slow better than none right??Basically, day 13 was our last day trip in our itinerary. This is because day 14 was the day to say goodbye to one of our lovely travel mate and it was time to farewell her. Because of her, we organised this 14 days trip as a wrap up for her New Zealand Working Holiday trip.

After my wonderful jump yesterday, I was given a 'JUMPER' t shirt to recognise our bravery~ Woohoo~ Of course I have to wear it when I was still in New Zealand!! Yes, show off time. ^^

We stayed at Te Anau the day before so that the company can pick us up and brought us to the wonderful ' Douthful Sound'! Why we chose Doubtful sound instead of Milford Sound??? This was because some of the local told us Doubtful Sound was not as busy as Milford but the scenery was as great as Milford!! The most important was we able to grab 50% discount for Doubtful sound day cruise at i site~ This was the winter special`~~~it only cost us $150 to get to doubtful sound!!!

A small advice to those who wish to go to Milford/ Douthful Sound, never save the money by driving yourself all the way there. I personally think that it was safer to stay at Te Anau, pay some money to the cruise company and let them pick you up from your hostel!! The road to Milford/ Doubtful Sound was never easy to drive.

In this package, the company even brought us to the Manapouri Underground Power Station. It located deep beneath Fiordland and it used the rushing water to generate the power! This was one of the New Zealand greatest engineering achievement.

Unfortunately, I am not from engineering background, I do not know how to appreciate the greatness of this power station.

Next, we finally reached Doubtful sound. Let's the pictures do their part in the blog below.

Snow capped mountain~

Too bad it was a rainy day. Most of the time, the sky was grey in colour and the view was blur. We can't see the view more than.. 50 meters I guess??We even need to hide inside the cruise so that we won't get wet! What??? We paid so much and most of the time just hide in the cruise??? Ahh... so sad...

The only thing I can comfort myself was there were a lot of water fall around us.
Again, water fall.

And of course the rainbow.

Some people told us they able to see dophine, fur seal, yellow crested penguins, little blue penguin and some other animals during the summer! But sadly, we just able to see one animal -

fur seal. Enough, fur seal, I saw your friends loitering around South Island!! I want see other animal!!! I want to see yellow crested penguin. sob sob...

Now I know why there was a winter special selling. Ok, I learnt a lesson, never go for this kind of cruise during winter time.


Zersoon said...

Amazing trip... Hope to know more about it, will ask you through email later on... Cz I'm interested with new Zealand too.

Hui Yi said...

Thanks~ No problem. Anything you wish to know can ask me. ^^