Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Thank you, Readers

Yes, there are slow updates in this blog recently due to lots of reasons. No idea what to write, spend more time on sleeping, busy looking for job, meeting up with friends and other excuses reasons. Reasons, reasons reasons. There are always lots of stupid reasons with no update.

I couldn't deny there is always a little sound with me, 'it's alright without update!', 'Not many people really care whether you are updating your blog or not'. 'Hey, not many people reading your blog!' However, I was once proven I was wrong! I received quite a number of messages from some people that I don't know after some of the updates in the blogs.

"Hi there, Read your blog regarding New Zealand working holiday. Previously found it in Cari. Your articles are interesting and useful as I am going to NZ for WH in this coming October, would like to thank you for sharing your experience on your blog. Hope to read more from your blog soon."

"Hi Hui Yi, 
I hope you have receovered from your injury. I have planned a trip to NZ on mid of March but still in the dilemma to my itinerary and appreciate if you could provide me some suggestions."

"Hey girl..
I just read some of your blog, well I also one of the team of WHV.. and I also back to Malaysia d. Great to know you are fine and enjoy read your blog.."

"I am interested in working holiday visa and I found out your blog through forum.."

All of this definitely encourage me to continue to update my blog. And of course, it's always glad that my information of working holiday helps those who are going to working holiday in New Zealand. I deeply understand the feeling because there are lots of questions with me when I just started my working holiday.

Thank you for your support!!! Love you all so much! Love you all more if you can do favour by clicking the advertisement when you pass by. :P 

I'm swear I'll update my blog more frequent!!!


RHUN KIET said...

ya.... I still keep track of it... lolx.. sounded like a stalker .... anyway.... go on write more... even if it is not NZ

keng 坑 said...

Kia Ora!

I found your blog when searching for Pulau Jerejak... and went on reading your NZ trips all the way. Great info on those places you went.

Been to NZ north island but not yet to south... certainly will refer to those info! Thanks!