Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Backpack VS Trolley bag

Backpack??? Trolley bag??Backpack??? Trolley bag?? What should I bring for working holiday???I am a backpacker so I should bring a backpack? It's gonna kill me with a 70L backpack but it definitely not enough for me if I bring a smaller one!! Help!~!!~ Twist a coin to decide?

No, that is not a wise choice. Of course, the best choice will be different to everyone. Some people might suit to bring a backpack and some prefer a trolley bag

Backpack Trolley Bag
Conveniency while moving Sure! Not so convenient when going upstair
Storing item Require technique Can simply throw stuff in
Easy to find stuff in bag Harder Easy
Less weight on body Heavy!!! No~
Security Low High (With lock)
Other Usage As a pillow?  As a table 

As a conclusion,
Backpack suit for someone who loves convenient and mobility, and able to carry backpack with long time. (although backpack with good design do reduce the feeling of weight but with a big backpack like 70L, you still feel the weight especially after long walk!!)

Trolley bag suit for those who scare the weight of backpack will kill them and do not mind with little hassle during travelling.

So, what was my choice?
small backpack (38L) + 22 inches luggage bag. I never regret of my choice after months of travelling. luggage bag allows me to walk further and the small back pack is useful especially for day trip/ hiking.

Choose the one that suits you!!


Morton Halden said...
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Morton Halden said...

Backpack is for the peoples who will able to carry heavy luggage on his shoulder and with trolley bag, you could easily take heavy luggage from one place to another without carried it on shoulders. Trolley bag is good option rather than bag pack.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Hui Yi, is there any brand of backpack u would recommend ?

Md Shohidul Islam Robin said...

What do you prefer during shopping? Metal Shopping Trolley or plastic trolley bags?

Ayesha Raza said...

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