Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Packhouse lunch

Finally, Kiwi season was coming to an end. For the last few days of working, we were forced to off early instead of 5pm. During the first time our supervisor announced in the short meeting 'Today we are going to off work early at 2pm.', all of us had the same respond 'HARR??? Off early??' We didn't celebrate for the early off work but all of us felt upset for it. This is the first time in my life felt that off work early is a sad news!! (This is because our wages are paid according to hours, which means we will get less salary!!! OMG, money getting lesser and lesser)

During the last day of our work, my kiwi packhouse organised a buffet lunch for us. Yes, buffet lunch. Finally I had the chance to taste the local buffet lunch in New Zealand. Let me show you what we had for the lunch.

The arrangment is almost same with our style.
I think this is pork.

Salad Shrimp. I like this. It is fresh~

Salad Broccoli

Yup, salad again.
Pumkin~ Again, this is the food I don't take in Malaysia but this pumkin is really taste good! Yummy~

Not sure what was this but it was nice~

Yeah~ This was my portion of food~ Basically, all food served was scrumptious! Yes, all. Argh, I want to eat again!!!

Sometimes, kiwis (New Zealand residents) love kiwi so much, their decoration on table was like this.

And even their tissue provided was like this.

My goodness, kiwi everywhere.

My supervisor and I. Very nice and lovely.
The end of kiwi season indicated that I am jobless!!! OMG, I need to search for job again!! Help.......


How Jun said...

Sure can find another job 1. Gambate

Hui Yi said...

Thanks. :)