Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kiwi, Kiwi, Kiwi...

On of my friend asked, since my job is related to Kiwi, why I never posted photo for kiwi tree? Frankly speaking, I don't like kiwi fruit before I came to New Zealand. I just don't like the taste. But guess what, I eat kiwi everyday here! It just because the fruit taste good in New Zealand, it is sweet and not sour!!!Of course, the second reason is, those kiwi fruits are free!!! We are allowed to take kiwi back from packhouse!

OK, let's kiwi now.

Hey, my name is Kiwi although I look a bit strange.

We are twins~ We don't separate with each other.

Yes, I am kiwi~
I am giant Kiwi!!!! Don't believe?

See? I am much more bigger than normal kiwi.

I am kiwi also, please don't discriminate me...

We are from here!!!!! Welcome to our kiwi family~~~
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pheo said...

i like this post, simple and cute :)