Saturday, April 9, 2011

Japanese Restaurant in Bukit Mertajam (回香)

Since the day I tendered my resignation letter, we are having more and more activities together. Today, it was one of the count down dinner (I called it as count down dinner because this practise only started recently). We found a Japanese restaurant in Bukit Mertajam which serves scrumptious Japanese + Korean Food.

This is the restaurant.

I would say the food served are averagely good. Picture speaks louder than word. Let me just show the food that we had.
Kimchi Porridge, a very unique meal.

Kimchi Ramen~ I would said this is the best Kimchi Ramen that I had tried.

This rice consists of meat and vegetables. I had forgotten the name of this food. Yaya.. I know I'm not a good blogger, since I just started  back my engine for blogging, please bear with my weaknesses. :P

Ramen again~ Although it is not in spicy flavour yet it is still tasty with slight over salty. The egg served together is delicious, the timing for cooking is just nice.

Sushi with special texture, crunchy outside and tasty inside. Thumbs up!

This is rather normal but I like it is not oily at all~

Egg with mayo on top. Very soft and and slight sweet flavour.

Last but not least, thanks to you all for the dinner~I cherish the moment a lot.

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