Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Layout~

For those of you who used to follow my blog, you might noticed that the layout and design of my blog was changed. Why? The blog had been certified death for quite some times and now I want to make it alive again~

The reason is very simple. I am gonna have a totally different type of life in the next 1 month times. I had resigned from my current job and I hopped into working holiday in New Zealand. YES! Working holiday!! This is really something new and I want to share with you what's going to happen on me in this coming 6 months time (Ya, I'm going to stay in New Zealand for 6 months). Some of the people said I was crazy, letting go my career path and spoil my own future. The high management in my company even told me I'm going to regret for my decision when I grow wiser. But, I am still adhere to my decision. I believe every person has their own unique of thinking, their own destination and especially their own dream to achieve. 

I have a dream to go out the world and explore the world. I always feel that I was caught in a small place and I couldn't step out and experience the oversea life. Many of my friends telling me that what they did, what they  saw while they were studying/ working oversea. Every story sounds so special and unique to me!! I want to experience it as well!! I have never have the idea what is the feeling of speaking English every moment when you open your mouth, I do not know how open minded the Caucasian is, I do not know what is the feeling during winter time. Now, there is a chance right in front of me, allow me to stay oversea and experience it. At the same time, it just take half year time from me for this, how could I let go this golden opportunity????

What do you think?


Irene said...

I think u will not regret for this decision and this is really a very good opportunity!
My boss always tell us how nice his experience when he was in NZ for the working holiday and he always encourage us to go there for half a year and come back to work after that.
But unfortunately our work schedule is so tight and he cant let us go right now...i am going to scold him for not keeping his words. hahaha... Enjoy your holiday over there ya, dont stop updating ur news i will be following u from time to time. Lucks~~:D

Hui Yi said...

Haha.. I try to update always.. the update i think will only start in may.. cause I'm going in May. :)

pheo said...

those who called u crazy are crazy themselves. definitely u r not gonna regret this decision. 'dong ka em da, da sai ka' lah...

enjoy it!

Kelvin said...

Haha.. so happen to see ur blog.. Definitely a wise choice, and you will not regret it especially when you in the place where it has the most beautiful scenery in the world. Love the place so much! U applied de or not because I think the application for 2011 has already exceeded the quota... Anyway,enjoy your working holiday first before you step back to the hectic working life in Malaysia or maybe you can find better opportunities there. But one thing I can guarantee, the purchasing power there is way higher than Malaysia and you don't have to work like a dog to survive compared to Malaysia here... so work only 1-3 days and travel for the rest of the time :P..... and experience the work-life balance culture or Kiwi's

Hui Yi said...

Pheo: Thanks for your support~

Kelvin: ya sure I had applied and been approved. I'll make sure I enjoy over there. :)

C2M said...

You make a right choice!
You wont stay for 6months, will be more~~
Safe Journey & Take care~~