Sunday, January 3, 2010


Happy 2010!!! Finally a new year come. So, what have you done on 1 Jan 10? Transformed into a pig and slept whole day at home? Did marathon shopping in shopping mall?

I was having BBQ and apartment stay on this special 010110! (sound like computer language). Ya, BBQ, what so special? For us, especially chinese, when we talk about BBQ, most of us will think about a lot of chicken wings marinated with soy sauce, Oyster sauce, Lea & Perrins and others seasoning. Besides, we might have some sausages, fish ball, corn and perhaps potato. That is our typical chinese style of BBQ. You might asked, what's wrong with it? Or else how should we BBQ?

Ya, out of my expectation, our BBQ style was not belonged to the category that I mentioned. Let me show you a totally different BBQ style that we had.
Firstly, sausages and fish balls were still in our food list like this. It looked like we are preparing for lok lok stall.
Chicken, a must prepare food for BBQ. But, we had different flavour for chicken. They were no longer prepared by using soy sauce and oyster sauce. I am not sure how they marinated this but i guess they put some curry powder and also some seasoning.
Then, prawn with garlic, butter, kunyit and other unrevealed ingredients.

sotong with the same marinated style with prawn.

Fish~~ double tumbs up for this special ikan bakar topped with home made paste. The fish was just nice to eat without overcook / undercook whereby all moisture was still contained in the fish.

We even had rojak as one of our food!!! Jealous for our unusual style of BBQ? Thanks to our dear malay colleagues who put lot of effort on this BBQ and made it a great success.
Some of you might wondering why all pictures shown was the food still in raw condition or in the progress of cooking. Well, the food was too nice until we finished up all once it was served. Photo was totally forgot to took before we eat. :P I know la, I am still not a good blogger yet. But food is too good to resist and wait to be eaten.
Oh ya, a small tip learnt from this BBQ, put aluminium foil on top of the metal grill first before put the food on top. It looks clean and the food will not get burned easily. Try it during your BBQ.


Wong How Jun said...

Hungry d...din bring me along sobsob

bluebell said...

delivery can ah??? i wan all except sausages......

Hui Yi said...

How Jun: hmm.. no ppl bring along their partner wor..

Blue bell: delivery can. mould food for you :P