Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hatyai Trip - Food version

Hatyai, a place meant shopping and eating for me. Shopping is most of the girls' favourite and a place with a lot of cheap stuffs will surely drive girls crazy. This statement no longer true to girls only because I found that the statement is suit for the guys in this generation too after my trip in Hatyai last week, let me switch it to food and I'l talk about the rest in the next post.

1) The first lunch that we had is definately worth to eat - Sky Buffet at Lee Garden 33th floor. It cost us only around RM15 but we had all of this below.
Aiks, the photo seems reflected our greediness, but good food is always hard for us to resist.

2) Then, along the road side in the city around, you might found this

Extremely big prawn. Too bad we were too full to try this.

3) The smell was great for this, but it costs around RM10 per piece.

4) Our lunch that we had the next day was the famous 猪脚饭(pork leg rice?) If you never try this before, you must try it.

The pork leg was not those oily type with inches of fats but the fats amount was just nice and the gravy was match to eat together with rice. Perfect match~ Look for this shop which opposite the market.

5) Lastly, a snack that I want to introduce is this biscuit like snack. I found it in Lee Garden.

Look nice right? hehe..

Of course, despite from the good food, advice should be given to the not-so-good food. So, w\ho are they?

1) The champion will be... the dim sum

The size definately will be the champion where this was the smallest 'lo mai gai' that I had ever seen. Oh ya, the spoon beside was a tea spoon, not table spoon. Besides so the size, the taste was definitely... weird. Very dry and it mixed with herb and make it even more weird.

Let me show you the 'cha siew pao'.

Again, it was tea spoon beside the cha siew pao. This round, it was very special whereby you can't taste the taste of meat in it. Perhaps you can just able to bite some... fats. 3) The hor fun.
Except for the portion of the food, It was not taste too bad. However, the bad thing was We can't really taste the actual taste of the food. It was just too bland.

Last but not least, since this post talked about food, let me ended the post with some special food.

Try this if you dare. Food with high protein. Good for health.


Wong How Jun said...

nice cankerit (cricket) hehe...Yummy


bluebell said...


Hui Yi said...

blue bell: y erk wor..

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