Saturday, November 21, 2009

My birthday present

Most of my friends were curious about the presents I received during my birthday since I had shouted out loudly for my wish list. Some of them even get shocked when I wrote this entry. Am I too straight forward? But, this is definately a win-win situation for me and friends who want to give my me presents right? :P

Firstly, I received this from one of my ex-housemate.

A blue eye shadow from Maybelline and grey eye liner from Kate. Thanks Yan.

Secondly, a surprise present from my direct junior from my university. I was wondering who is the person when anonymous left comment in my blog and told me she bought a brown eye shadow. I was failed to guess who was the person until I received the present.

Again, eye shadow from Maybelline. Luckily both of my friends bought different colour. Thanks Chee Wan.

Next, the item that people queried for listing in my wish list. Yet, I received it from my gang of university friends. You wish to know the reason I want it, please read this.

Liquid eye liner from Skin Food~ Thanks my Pei Leng, Sen, Hooi Theng and Wai Yee. I'll apply it during our next gathering to show the difference. :)

Present that I received lastly. A friend of mine kept on calling me just to confirm the correct model to buy though I received it yesterday.

An original Nokia battery. Many people told me it was weird to list this item in my list. But, the most important is I need it, right? Thanks Choon Sin, Yueh Ting and Yee Wan. Now my phone battery can last longer.

Of course, I can't miss out the presents that my dear gave me.

Hand bag from Country Hide. A good quality bag made from real deer skin. Sad for the dear sacrifise for me, but don't worry Ms. Deer, I'll sayang you and treat you good. Thanks my dear.

Last but not least, a scrumptious food that cannot get outside.

Home made spaghetti !~!~ Can you see the creamy sauce and the cheese on top? Of course, this was from my dear again. Thank you.

Again, I wanna thanks all of my friends who remembered my birthday, friends who send birthday sms to me even some of you are overseas and also all of my friends, thanks for being my friends.

I had a wonderful birthday.


Jimmy T said...

Woo the creamy Sauce me hungry

Hui Yi said...

Jimmy T: You can try to cook the spaghetti by using 'Lego' white sauce. It's nice

Wong How Jun said... spaghetti is good le? Wanna set up stall d

Hui Yi said...

how jun: yala yala.

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