Thursday, May 29, 2008

Weird questions during interviews

I attended a few interviews recently. I found out most of the interviewers like to ask some tough questions like ' Tell me your weaknesses', 'Tell me the reasons for our company to hire you'. All these questions are really tough as like you have to promote yourself but at the same time, you cannot over promoted yourself.

But, i met some of the interviewers asked some weird questions. I was abit shocked when i first time being asked these questions.

' Do u have a boyfriend?', ' Are your boyfriend staying here?'

Huh? What type of question was that? Since when a 'boyfriend' plays such in important role in interviewers' eye?

But the interviewer did explain for asking the questions. Some of the interviewers don't feel secure for the interviewee from other states. Some of them will feel that those people from other state will treat the company as a stepping stone and will not stay there for a long period. Then, if you have a bf there, most of them will feel more relieve. But, for some companies, they treat it the other way round. If you have a boyfriend, or boyfriend from other state, they feel that you are not willing to have a long working time or work during public holiday (which i agree to this point. haha)

The same situation occured today, not in interview, but in FTMC. They are suggesting the president to get me a job in Penang so that i won't be running away. Then, the president herself suggested (joke) to get me a bf in Penang. Ha ha. Well, that might be work. haha..


teng said...

best luck for ur future ya~~
kee in touch ye~~^^

Hui Yi said...

teng: thanks :) you are?