Monday, January 9, 2012

New Zealand - Item to sell!

Can't believe that New Zealand Working Holiday for 2012 can be finished within 2-3 days. It's definitely crazy. I still remember during 2011, the quota finished in March and those Ex Working Holiday people shouting that it was too fast to finish! And back in 2010, it took 10 months time to fill up the quota. So, what happen to working holiday? It becomes a trend? Or people start looking forward to see the world outside?

If I were apply in 2012, I guess I won't be able to go New Zealand anymore. Haha~ Anyway, congratulation to those who are being approved in 2012~your new chapter of life is gonna kick start.

Since now we r stepping in 2012 and I should said good bye to New Zealand. I might back to New Zealand again another 10 years? Or, I might not returning to New Zealand anymore. So, I would like to sell of my New Zealand item.

1) Vodafone broadband stick + Sim card. SOLD OUT
 Some of the area in New Zealand is hard to get free internet access and that's the reason I purchase this.
Selling price: NZD 10 /RM25 (stick + Sim card)

2) New Zealand Dollar SOLD OUT
I'm taking the middle rate of selling price and buying price. I'm fair right? Currently it should be 2.45 as middle price.

For those of you who are interested may leave me a comment or email me Those item available in Ipoh/ Penang.


fAnNiE said...

Can i have the broadband from u?

Hui Yi said...

Hi, sorry, the broadband was sold out. :)

Sean Farris said...

I really love the sandals (both of them). Have fun! :D

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