Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 6 Christchurch - Rugby World Cup Opening Ceremony

After the Akaroa day trip, we returned to Christchurch. We were lucky, because this night was the first match of the Rugby world cup! Due to that, a  big screen was set up in Hagley Park for all the supporters to gather and enjoyed the match together! Actually we didn't know about the opening ceremony, thanks to the information given by i site in Christchurch.

I don't really know about Rugby and I never watch a complete rugby match when I were in Malaysia. But since it was a world cup and I have the chance to witness the grand opening ceremony, I must go!! Yes, typical kia su attitude. But, I still want to go!

 Kiwis really love rugby and the Rugby world cup was just like the Football World Cup for them! A lot of kiwis brought the All black flag to support their Rugby team!

Some kiwis even painted their face to show how supportive they were!

Hustle and bustle in Hagley park just because of the Rugby. Kiwis flooded the park to show their enthusiasm towards rugby. Although I don't know about Rugby, but I can feel excitement of the kiwis. The opening ceremony was really grand. Auckland was blazing with firework in conjunction with this World Cup.I wish I were in Auckland at this moment.

Thanks to the big screen set up, we able to have a look on the opening ceremony of the Rugby World cup, enjoyed the Haka performance that Kiwi and Maori proud of. At the moment I post this blog, All Black already become the champion of the Rugby World Cup. I know my blog update is rather slow. Anyway, Congratulation!!!

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we didn't watch until the end...