Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rotorua: Tamaki Village

When we went through the Boucher in I-site, most of them mentioned that Rotorua is the place full with Maori culture. Maori culture? Yeah, since we are here, we must learn and experience their culture. That was the reason drove us to the Tamaki Maori Village. This village located 15 minute driving distance away from Rotorua city centre. You may choose to drive on your own to the village or you may take the free bus from Tamaki Office to the village.

The whole package includes the ceremonial ritual, cultural performance and hangi feasting. When we first arrived, there was a welcoming ceremony in their tradition method.

Then, we were brought into their village which deep within an ancient Tawa forest. Explanation were given regarding their life style in front of every house.

The Maori and I

This part was a bit rush as we could only stay for a short while for each of the house. There was not much time for us to slowly explore in the village. We had to stick to the schedule fixed by the organizer.

Then, hangi meal preparation method was presented!! You see, the food was being buried inside the soil.
This recalled my memory about backwoodsman. Those who were a girl guide/ scout should knows what I meant. Argh, I miss those days in secondary school. Camping, marching, gathering, station game...... Life is always good when we were young.
After they removed the soil on top, you can see the food~~

They heat it by using hot stone. Real hot..

Yeah~Hangi meal.

After the demonstration, we were lead to a hall to watch some cultural performance included some dancing and song. Those dancing were quite special for me and the song sang were good~

After this, dinner time~~ Hangi meal time!!!

Hangi meal was served in buffet style but the portion served was just enough for us to take it once. Remember to take more if u went there. (typical kiasu mind). The food was rather disappointing. Most of the food was overcook and it lead to bland flavour. The only nice food was the mussel and also the jam.

Dessert was served after the main course. The chocolate cake was not too bad but the rest of them were either too sweet or weird taste.  Disappointing. Sorry but I have to say that. 

Overall I think the time range given were too short and the meal served was not too good. Anyhow, this was just my persona point of view.

Entrance fees: $90 (promotion price)

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Michael Peter Foo said...

REminds me of both the maori dance during our first global village and not to forget my high school memory of scourging hot Backwood'sman Cooking, where I was cooked before the chicken in my hands does.