Saturday, July 2, 2011

Kiwi Food

Sometimes I feel that I am lucky in New Zealand. There are a lot of things happened over here, but most of the time, things turn positive at the end. I have moved to another house as we want to cut down our expenses. Life is not easy and we need to count every single cent that we spend.

Now, I stay with a kiwi with my friends. It’s lucky that we stay with a local because we able to know more about others culture through this. One day our house owner suggested to do an exchange with us. Exchange what? Exchange meal. He cook us a local kiwi meal and we cook him Malaysian meal. Sound good right? We were so excited over it because finally we had a chance to taste on the genuine local food.

The kiwi meal looked like this.

Riscotto rice cook with red wine, rosemary, oregano, tymes, spring onion. First time in my life tasted rice cook with wine. The rice is quite sticky compared to normal white rice that we had and it consists of rich and strong flavor. Yummy, yummy~

Broccoli, cauliflower with white sauce and bread crumb.

Green pea. Honestly I rarely eat green pea but I think this is nice.

Bake lamb with white wine. I love their lamb so much, the taste is totally different with what we had in Malaysia. You can feel that the lamb meat is so ‘original’. Some people do not take lamb is just because there is a smell in lamb meat. But the lamb over there does not consist of that smell! Delicious~~

This is my house owner~



YvaineKong said...

what did you guys contribute then?

Hui Yi said...

haha~ We also cook them something le~ We cook Nasi Lemak, curry chicken, ginger beef, Tom Yam Fried rice, fried glass noodle, vege, ABC soup and also green bean soup.

Princess Felina said...

oh my god!!! ur house owner is soooo cute!!! jealous~~~ LOL

Hui Yi said...

Felina: Sweat.... he will very syok if he saw this.