Sunday, October 18, 2009

Taiwan Trip

I went to Taiwan with my family during the Raya Holiday. For those of you who was not able to contact me during that time, this was the reason. This was the first oversea trip that all my family members went together and this was a trip which was decided suddenly. How sudden was it? My father gave me a call on Wednesday and told me that on the following Monday we will be going to Taiwan. Without any hesitation, I applied leave immediately and my leave was exhausted for this year. (By the way, I had only left 4 1/2 days leave for this year). My manager pulled her long face when she knew about my trip. Well, perhaps the time was a bit improper and it was a bit rush to suddenly leave my job for 1 week. But chance to go to a trip with the whole family didn't come always and a chance to go Taiwan did not happen always too. That's why, I didn't hesistate on this decision.

That was 1 week trip in Taiwan, we went to Tai Zhong and Tai Pei. We were not able to enjoy the first few days due to this was a business trip for my father. One of his friend became our tour guide after the business trip had ended. We visited some places and it was hard to explain everything here so let me just pick up some of the points to elaborate on.
The first thing that we noticed there were a lot of 7-11 available all over Taiwan. How many were there? Every row of shops must at least have one 7-11. Besides, their 7-11 is quite different with ours.

There were different kind of food like sandwich, rice box with different flavours and etc available. You can have a quick grab of food in 7-11. It served faster than fast food. Don't worry, the food in 7-11 was delicious and there were a lot of varieties.

Lok Lok can even be found in 7-11. Never see in Malaysia, right? In addition, Taiwanese can do a lot of stuffs in 7-11, for example, pay for summons, pay for car park fees and etc. Of course, 7-11 opens 24 hours, so it was very convenient for people and there was no excuse for not paying summon/ car park fees due to inconvenience.
We went to the famous ferris wheel in Taipei. 美丽华百货摩天轮. It was similiar with our Eyes on Malaysia but it is higher than ours. Why? Cause the Ferris Wheel is above a shopping mall...

Looks scary, right? We were very scared when we sat in the passengers gondola. We sat still without big movement and worried that our movement might shake the gondola and unexpected incident will happen. Luckily, the Final Destination did not use ferris wheel as a scene in their movie. Or else, more imagination would appeared in our mind. When we took a ride in the ferris wheel, it was during the night. The view outside with lighting was very nice, colour of the wheel kept on changing and the glimmer of the light outside created a romantic atmosphere. However, the person sharing the gondola with me was my brother, so the romantic feel did not extend further.

Besides, we went to the famous 'Sun and Moon lake' (日月潭). A place where almost all the travel agent would bring you there. Do not have high expectation on it. It was just like what it sounded - a lake. Wearing their traditional costume to snap photograph is one of the attraction.
Of cause, 101 mall is a must go place. We have no chance to enter the mall due to insufficient time. So, we just took a photo outside.
Tonight the internet is rather slow. It is a bit difficult and time consuming to post up photos. So, that was the end of the blog. If I have the time, there will be episode 2 for Taiwan Trip.


Wong How Jun said...

Would it be a continuous romantic spin if I were up there with you on the ferris wheel? hehe

bluebell said...

the bean u give me as a souvenir still remember? u said choon sin ard grow it 1...mine 1 cant grow... bean still a bean... y??? (T.T)

Hui Yi said...

blue bell: huh? Did you water it? Every 3 days water once.