Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Budget Hotel - Tune Hotel

I went to KL last weekend with a friend. Yes, a friend, just 2 of us. A very sporting friend whereby you can tell her (yes, is her not him) you wish to go for a trip and if she have the budget, 99% she'll say 'ok'. Not much consideration needed.

Of course, we planned for a budget trip and all expenses were spent as low as possible. One of the bigest expenses were none other than accomodation. So, to get a budget hotel, Tune hotel appeared in our mind ( For those who don't know, Tune Hotel is the so called Air Asia Hotel ).
A budget hotel, of course we cannot set high expectation. No free breakfast, no free newspaper, no TV in room, no towel & shampoo (of course you can have it by paying RM5.00) and no air conditional (you can pay for the air con if you wish to).
For me, cleanliness will be the most important criteria for accomodation. No matter how budget is the hotel, if it is dirty, I'll definately say 'NO'. Fortunately, Tune Hotel didn't turned me down. Although the room was small, it was clean.

Let me show you the photos.
The corridor of the room. Adequate lighting and pleasant looking :)
Inside of the room with nice drawing on wall.

View from outsideTable (without chair)

Of course we stayed in double bed room.

So, what do you think?
P/S: you might wonder where I had been in KL. Stay tune.


bluebell said...

actually it s not called air asia hotel... alt most people thought it is......hahahaaa
i plan to go nex trip again... destination unknown yet, u got any idea? hehe

Hui Yi said...

blue bell: hmm. Anywhere also can lo. As long as never been there. He he

bluebell said...

aiyo... dis time u decide lah... hehehe i folo!

Hui Yi said...

bluebell: I got no leave or this year already le.. How about plan to go Bali / Redang / Perhentian?

Karl said...

i love tune hotels too.. find clean.. no bad experience none whatsoever yet..

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Sites of Interest in Walton-on-Thames said...

Cool, a pretty good hotel for a hippie traveler on budget.

Amit Singh said...

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