Sunday, May 31, 2009

Little chick

Recently, one of my colleague introduced us to a new food which I have not tried until that day - that was little chick! One of us asked about the meaning of 'little chick' after we were introduced to that new dish. Did the little chick died in the egg before hatching? Did the little chick died after birth?

Without considering too long, we proceeded with our eating journey. Finally, we reached the restaurant which is packed with people although hidden in a rather rural area. My colleague ordered the little chick and other famous dishes there.

So, here I would proudly like to present the 'Little Chick'.

It is really small right? The chicken wing looked much smaller.

Some of my friend said we were cruel by eating chick, but anyhow after they are fully grown their fate will still be the same, right? So, we have chosen the least painful path for them to walk. :P

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Wong How Jun said...

When wanna bring me go eat le?
I hungry d