Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Travel in New Zealand

No idea how to travel in New Zealand???

1) Drive in New Zealand
- We just need to translate our Malaysian License to english version and you can drive legally in New Zealand! Translate it in JPJ and it just costs you RM10.
- Buying a car is like buying a piece of cake in New Zealand. It's simply easy and fast. Procedure to buy a car look here.
- A second hand car is cost around NZD1000-NZD3000 depends on the size and the model of the car. I bought Honda Odessey 7 seater 1996 which costs me $2000 (but this is considered cheap ^^).
- Of course if you own a car is easier for you to travel around. You can depart and leave the place anytime you like. No need worry that you will miss a bus.
- The most important point is a car plays a crucial role when you are looking for a job! It's no way to go to work without a car except you share with others or you walk to work. But most of the working place is not within walking distance from home!

2) Take Bus
There are two companies in New Zealand. They operate throughout the whole New Zealand and it can bring you from one town to another town. However, they are not operating within the town area. In addition, most of the smaller town do not have a bus company operate within the town area (especially South Island! -_-''  )

a) Naked Bus
- The bus ticket is selling like Air Asia flight ticket. The earlier you buy (online), the cheaper the bus ticket.
- This company even offer NZD1 bus ticket! Check here. I'm wondering they are learning it from Air Asia, or Air Asia copycat their way?

b) Intercity
- Another bus company. 
- Their time table have more options compared to naked bus.

3) Tour
It's never easy to travel alone by car because it hard for you to drive and look at map at the same time. Furthermore, driving long hours make you exhausted and reduce your excitement to travel! You may join some local tour which is cheap and suit to backpackers. Most of them also offered a pass called flexipass which is something like a reload card. For example, you can buy 10 hours of pass and you can take the bus with the pass for 10 hours.

4) Hitch hike 
- Some people choose not to buy a car but travel by hitch hike. Of course, this method actually save up a lot of money like insurance, petrol, maintenance fees for you!!
- Basically, most of the Kiwis are quite friendly and they are willing to take you along. Moreover, the security level in this country is undoubtedly good . You don't have to worry to be kidnapped when you hitch hike.
- The disadvantage for this method is you might need to take a long time to get someone fetch you to the place you that wish to go. Sometime, you might even need to change a few cars in order to get to the place. The flexibility of this method is not high.

Last buy not least, enjoy travel in New Zealand!


Lionel said...

Hui Yi!
Just wondering, is it convenient to pack my stuff into a suitcase luggage, instead of really bringing those super big backpacks? Which did you bring?

Hui Yi said...

I bring a small backpack with a 22 inches of luggage. :)

luilui钻石库*** said...

without car do you think can survive?just going alone think not to buy car XD

Hui Yi said...

Sure can survive. There r a lot of alternative, like taking a bus, meet some new ferns n travel with them, or hitch hike!

Ling said...

Hi Hui Yi,

Would be mind to give me your email address as I hope to get some info with regards to my NZ travel itinerary.


Hui Yi said...

Sure, hhuiyi85@hotmail.com.

Ling said...

Thanks Hui Yi.
I emailed to you yesterday.

Sherlyn Neo said...

Hi Huiyi

How much is the gasoline there?

Tom said...

It is nice to see an article dedicated to this important topic. Thank you for sharing.
New Zealand Travel

Kevin Hwang said...

Hi Huiyi

How long you been work to earn 2k for the car? Or you brought it before your first job? Is purchasing a caravan a good idea instead of staying in backpacker hostel?