Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The new discovery- Alpaca

Working Holiday is never free. Life is busy with working, cooking and travelling. The only thing free is the mind. Everyday, I keep on repeating the same gesture, same movement. Turning the kiwifruits, checking them and putting them back to the boxes. I guess I repeated these movement more than thousand times. After work, it is probably dinner time and it is time to cook. Other than cooking, I need to work again. Yes, I work at home for my house owner as part time. The good part is I can work anytime as I like. That's how I passed my time while earning money for the trip. You might be wondering, What's the point that I mentioned all these? Yeah, These are all the exuses for the late update of the blog. Haha~:P

OK, back to the working holiday life. Last weekend, we visited the alpaca farm. Alpaca, this sounds alien to me when I first heard about it. My house owner's friends own an alpaca farm and we were given the chance to see this special creature. Dita told us it is similiar with llama but the size is smaller. 

Before that, let me introduce the owner of the farm, Dita and William, the lovely couple from Holland. They are really very nice and friendly.
Their house is located beside the farm and I like their house so much. You can see a big piece of green land when you look out from the house. This is just like those house for vacation. Relaxing and comfortable. When I can own such a dream house?

Let me show you the main character of this blog- The Alpaca~

Very cute and adorable right?? It is just like a big soft toy.

They are so shy and coward as we walked near them, they will move away. Ah! Cute little shy animal. Nevermind, there is always a trick to attract them.

See? They love me so much. Haha~ all animal (even the human) can't resist to food!

William told us that we can't touch their head and neck because they just don't like. Hmm, so bad, I can't pet them.

Every alpaca has their own name. The amazing part is Dita and William can recognised each of them and they can say out their name easily. Wao, you know how many alpacas they owned? 150. They can recognised each of the 150 alpacas without fail! Awesome!!

So, what is the function of the alpaca? Their fur can made into clothes/ scarf for us to keep warm. It is just like the wool but it is much softer and comfortable than wool. The wool product sometimes tend to make us feel icthy due to the rough surface but this does not happened on alpaca product. Want to know more about alpaca? click here.

Wao, love it. Dita told us she can teach us to make the alpaca scarfby ourselves! Yes, handmade alpaca scarf~ Yeah. Wondering how to make it? Stay tune.

The little alpaca soft toy made from the real alpaca fur.


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